Now Drumpf Blasts the Federal Reserve Bank

“I know banks. I am the best banker, financier, economist ever. I have the best banks…” - Drumpf running amock

(Bloomberg) – President Donald Trump blasted the Federal Reserve, blaming it for the plunge in the stock market, following reports he has considered firing Fed chief Jerome Powell.

“The only problem our economy has is the Fed. They don’t have a feel for the Market, they don’t understand necessary Trade Wars or Strong Dollars or even Democrat Shutdowns over Borders,” Trump said in a tweet Monday. “The Fed is like a powerful golfer who can’t score because he has no touch - he can’t putt!”

December 24, 2018

Bila shaka the man is going off the edge now.

Today the social media junkie is puking on Twitter like no other recent days! A whooping 18 tweets!


Stay woke nigga

nimekuwa nikishindwa hii avatar ya hii jamaa ni ile mkebe ya zamani ya kimbo ama ni nini. Ndio nikaona ni kikombe sijui imeandikwa nini. Anyway. As you were, assholes.

And a Merry effin Christmas from me and uncle Trump. Stay winning… or in your case, stay bitchin’.





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In 2019, fisi iendelee kungojea kama kawa…


Is there a day that you can be mature and engage reasonably without throwing an insult

Is that right…

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And what in this world can be reasonably debated or engaged with fellows who wish the subject of the debate would just roll over and die already?

Merry Xmas hata imefika post your latest CNN B.S. assholes. Ama ni new york times. hehe.

These articles are very entertaining.

“Any day now Trump is going to leave. The noose is tightening. It’s 3 inches tighter. The walls, they are closing in! Any day now. Just 3 more minutes. It’s tight. The pussy is tight!!”


Taking down the globalists, bit by bit

[SIZE=7]Trump ‘now realizes’ he can’t fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell[/SIZE]

Although the president appoints Fed governors, the Fed is an independent agency and the governors can be fired only “for cause.” It’s unclear if Trump could remove Powell as chairman while he remains a governor. But Fed scholars say it would be a disastrous move that would undermine the belief the central bank will act in the best interest of the economy regardless of political pressure.
In recent months, Trump has repeatedly criticized Powell for raising interest rates and urged the Fed not to hike before central bank policymakers last week unanimously agreed to a fourth rate increase this year.

How did he not know he can’t fire the Fed board? The PRESIDENT of the USA doesn’t even know how his government works!

Drumpf will go down in a clutter of confusion in his mind. He doesn’t understand why the world is not bending to his will.

Since taking office, Trump has looked to the stock market as a benchmark for his presidency. Yet much of the gains in equities since his election have been erased by months of turmoil, as investors grow increasingly concerned about the impact of the administration’s trade battles with China and Europe.
Investors have many reasons to worry. Trump’s trade war with China is creating uncertainty for businesses. U.S. government debt is approaching $22 trillion. A partial government shutdown this week is raising concerns about Washington’s ability to find bipartisan solutions to pressing problems. The president’s musings about firing Powell and the abrupt departure of Defense Secretary James Mattis add to the sense of turbulence.
While Trump regularly took credit for the stock market’s rise, he has consistently pointed elsewhere to explain its decline.

After Mnuchin’s call, which produced no public statement, stocks continued their Christmas Eve slide, ending the day with the benchmark S&P 500 down 2.7 percent, hitting its lowest level in 20 months. The president will continue looking for a scapegoat. Now that he’s acknowledged that he can’t fire Powell, Trump’s target could become Mnuchin.

“There are plenty of people inside the White House who are not fans of Mnuchin who are happy to throw him under the bus,” said Stephen Myrow, managing partner at Beacon Policy Advisors in Washington and a former Treasury official. “Up ’til now, he’s been protected by the fact that Trump liked him and he’s been a loyalist.”

In a sign Trump may have lost some faith in Mnuchin, the president has asked whether one or more of his advisers could meet with Powell, according to a person familiar with the matter. That would be seen as undermining the authority of the Treasury chief, who sees Powell for lunch once a week and is normally the official designated to deliver the administration’s views.

A Treasury Department spokesman referred a request for comment to the White House, which didn’t respond.


Hata hawajui ni nini hio. If they bothered to understand Trump’s campaign message, they’d know why he,is firing deep state agents. Na alishasema zamani that it is something he would do.

He is just a jealous, broke motherfucker.

Mshinde hapa mkiweka endless fake news articles na Mzee alishasema zamani in 2016…
Donald J. Trump

I will Make Our Government Honest Again – believe me. But first, I’m going to have to #DrainTheSwamp in…
8:33 AM - 18 Oct 2016 from Colorado Springs, CO

What do you think draining the swamp meant? Na bado.

Mattis, Powell deep state mnaenda mpende msipende. Whether the Jewish media that backs the deep state likes it or not.

Draining the swamp explained hapo chini. Hakuna mambo ya jealousy. Trump said it in 2016 and he is keeping his promise. Trump said he is an insider and he knows who does what in Washington na wataenda wote. The folks who manipulate the system to maintain the status quo e.g Nafta, military trade deals, endless wars etc.

And they are propped up by the liberal Jewish controlled media.

Unaona ametoa jeshi Syria? You think deep state is happy about that? Their inside men Brett McGurk and Jim Mattis resigned recently.

I quote below from this new yorker article:

Typically, an incoming President seeks to charm, co-opt, and, when necessary, coerce the federal workforce into executing his vision. But Trump got to Washington by promising to unmake the political ecosystem, eradicating the existing species and populating it anew. This project has gone by various names: Stephen Bannon, the campaign chief, called it the “deconstruction of the administrative state”—the undoing of regulations, pacts, and taxes that he believed constrain American power. In Presidential tweets and on Fox News, the mission is described as a war on the “deep state,” the permanent power élite.

Ametoa jeshi syria coz he is a freaking russian and allies puppet.sad u can’t see turkey and russia are having a field day huko.

And whats happening to the stock market?we still winning or whining?

Trump is taking America back. It won’t be owned by a few Jews who call the shots on world policy and global markets. This cartel even decides where the U.S. army goes and which war she fights in.

Now they are manipulating the markets because Trump pulled out of Syria. Tunajua.

They are also trying to run an impeachment witch hunt to scare off the president from doing his job. Using the media to scare off the president. Ati to make him back off from effecting changes…

This was expected. Trump knew the consequences of draining the swamp. Hata JFK alijaribu draining the swamp and they killed that young man.