Guys and gurls, anyone who has come across this company, invested with them and or made some good money with them? Or, conned/scammed by them?
I came across them today, and the rate of return, 3% weekly, I feel something not okay.

hauheshimu jasho lako.

I only listened to the nigga. Didn’t do nothing, probably not gonna do nothing

UV asked a question and answered it at the same time. Thread closed!

Invest my guy. The village has ran dry of hekayas. At least utatupea hekaya in a few months

I have not answered nuthin mate.

How much are they paying you to market them?

soma uelewe my statement buder

I posted about it here.

It has been a godsend form of passive income for me personally. Every month I get anywhere from $24k-$32k for doing absolutely nothing. I invested over $200k about 2 years ago. It is indeed a Ponzi scheme started by the Rev Cynthia Petion and her husband who are both Jamaicans. Although the profits (3-4% per week) keep coming in every Friday, I feel that you are too late and likely to be left holding the bag. Ponzi schemes can be very profitable as long as you join early. Anyway if you’re still unfazed then go ahead and take your chances. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

I got you chief. Those guys are always around spreading the gospel of unknown.