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Anyone who has ever worked or is working with this school based in Tati city. How do they treat their employees and what is the working condition like. I got a job in that place though I am told I will be in probation for 6 months and confirmed if I perform well. I will like to know how is the place, it’s working conditions or how they treat their employees from reliable and genuine sources and not the company itself before I accept to go for that job. Anyone with any info?

Nukisha kitunguu.Kukiharibika rudi home.

Kunaitwa Tatu city, try your luck

Its a high end school. Boss join haraka sana. All the best.

Congrats what was their attitude during the interview?

Utajuwa ukiwa probation mwalimu, it is not about how they treat their employees but about what you make of the opportunity

Daughter yangu anaingia huko this year, take good care of her. Ingia huko haraka working conditions are good for employees.


What do you mean by what I make of the opportunity?

You can make the best use of it or you can wait and see how your employer treats you, SIMPLE. Right?


@langatkipro what matters most in any job is how well you settle into their politics and garnish that with your job perfomance. Disregard everything else.

all i have noticed about that school is that their drivers are too aggressive, especially considering ni school bus, ukianza kazi huko tell them to be more careful

Wacha maswali mingi anza kazi. Private schools hakuna cha bure. Ingia ujue survival tactics mapema. The lessons you pick from such places cannot be learnt anywhere else.

High end from the look of things but far from it. I have been there a couple of times last year when they were doing the boys side.They had grand ideas ICT but their pockets are too shallow.Classroom Technology is below the expectations of many .Pop in to any class on girls side and you will met by a whiteboard and an epson projector .With time the glare and hotspots will hurt the students eye vinoma.Think of it as a basic Safaricom Academy.

Iko dame nilitomba Secretary wa uko Ikiwa Kikuyu.