Notorious Member of midget gang arrested

Three members of the so-called adibas mob midgets, a Berlin-based criminal organization composed of people of short stature, have been arrested this morning
reports the Berlin Chronicle.
Security camera footage show the three suspects during a home break-in in which the intruders entered the house through the pet door.

Authorities also believe the crime organization could be behind 63 other similar break-ins in the region.

They found that the criminals use their small-sized bodies to break-in through chimneys, pet doors and small open windows ”

According to the Berlin Police Department, the perpetrators crawled through pet doors, chimneys and small open windows to burglarize many homes in
the area

Although the adibas mob midgets officially describe themselves as a “non-profit rat enthusiast group for small people of the Berlin area”,
several high-profile members of the organization have been arrested in the past years on charges of arson and aggravated assault.


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