Notice to Attend Court Kenya

Wadau today I was caught over-speeding on the expressway, and since I didn’t have any cash on hand to bribe my way out I was given a “Notice to attend court” document, and told to show up there on the written court date, or arrest warrant might be issued.

How do I handle this? Anyone here been in a similar situation?

Accept the charges and pay fine.

Later ingia SJ kukamua kunguru threesome

Watu na fielder munakuwanga na shida gani

I live near Nanyuki. Do I need to come all the way back to Nairobi for this BS? Can I just ignore it

The court will issue an arrest warrant if you ignore…

Go and attend. Utapigwa fine ya 5k na hivo ndio utapenya, uki-ignore, utakujiwa.

lipa fine usijifanye mjanja

I have never honored any summon to appear in court due to traffic offences…read overspeeding…5 times now and counting…maybe siku yangu itafika ya kushikwa but till then,kaa ngumu kama ngumo.

Vile alexo amesema… if you find the magistrate in a bad mood you could be handed some 25k and 20k fines … especially if the previous day or two kumekuwa na mass casualty accident …lenga that summon

Just seen that you drive a Toyota… feerk you and all your lineage… such a fool


Ignore, nothing will happen

Until when he applies for a job and needs a certificate of good conduct and after the police key in his details on their computer, they find that he is a fugitive on the run amejileta police station mwenyewe.

Hakuna kitu kama hiyo…mimi singewahi pata good conduct basi…my first summon was in 2009…i have collected good conducts each year since then. This one they let it pass…ukijipeleka na uoga zako,unakamuliwa dry fry.

Fala it never goes into the system… come back pombe ikiisha kwa kichwa, john

Ukiwa arrested tena… Ndio noma… Otherwise… Ukitaka peace of mind… Just attend…

Sijaiona contractor coward

does pleading guilty mean i have a criminal/civil record ? @dingoo_wa_ingoo @AndyLLB

Kubali makosa,attend the court session,pay fines and dont repeat that again

Enda ukule karao Dem mkia akutoe kwa system ya court