Nothing to do with josto

The herrŕrrrrrb is not what i do its what i am. Legalise marijuana #ADMIN. Lazima turuke jamaica tuivie kwa beach… burn shash and kunye is the slogan. If you nuh smoke you are definitely not alive… sio mimi nimesema imejipost

your punishment is small so you use drugs to cope with the reality of the issue.

Seek medical help before you fall deep into the cycle of avoidance.

The HERB is the medicine…

Yeeeeessssss… asante sana

The herb is the way of lyf… maybe you should try it? I started it since i was in class 7 i was among the best kwa shule… tabia,mchopie, mdogo wa prefo etc… think of people like kingsolom? Marcus? MOSA? tuko kwa clouuuuud

You see a doc. When you fall sick , he/she prescribes medicine !

Ujinga ni mwingi