Nothing in marriage for men

If today you found your wife cheating, the only thing you can do is to forgive her, it is cheaper. Divorcing your wife is expensive why?

  1. The courts will award her custody of children.
  2. She will claim child support
  3. She will demand you split property
  4. She might demand alimony, spousal support.
    ¶The bottomline is that many men know their wives are cheating but divorcing her is now expensive. Nothing in marriage for men


There are things you cant come back from…
But still know a guy mbibi aliongezwa mileage + kipii n the guy bado ako na yeye

The law has made no fault divorce a reality. No one needs to cheat. She just needs to say she is not happy, and the law will award her cash and prizes for divorcing you.

cheating is overrated… think of your sex organs as muscles same as you would with your limbs and your life will be easy that way…BS about emotion and shit??? that’s just an illusion to delude you into thinking that you need to watch and control your fellow humans… what are emotions??? really!!!

It is true that divorce laws shaft men, mostly because it is women who marry up. Kenya nilisoma ni based on contribution, but we all know it takes one feminist judge to interpret " contribution" differently. “…upon divorce, spouses share property on the basis of the contributions they make in its acquisition.”

Marriage is an extractive institution for men. It takes more than it gives and satisfaction will only come at 60 IF and I repeat IF your kids turn out right.

Hapo ndio utakua unafeel your investment was worth it.

Vile dunia iko, I can’t promise you that in your 6th decade when you retire. Chances are one of your kids will either be a druggie @Bingwa Scrotum, a homosexual like @Kimakia, a thief like @maasai 101 or an underachiever like @T.Vercetti

everywhere utaona the word “alimony” jua io ni copy paste kutoka kwa mambo za wazungu, we don’t have such a word in kenya. izo points nne umetaja hapo huapply kwa wazungu na courts zao sio huku kenya.

I feel honoured

Really… Ile siku utaletewa luwere na bibi yako akiwa ameambukizwa na Kevo wa Gym ndo utajua sex organs are muscles… Halafu miaka mbili after atakua na watoto wanakaa Bryo wa bodaboda na wote itabidi uwaprovidie… Ukidivorce vitu zinagawa 50 percent…

The institution of marriage is to be guarded. Bibi akigawa nje ngoa yeye meno… But kama unataka kuoa malaya ni sawa hakuna mtu anakuulizsa…

Being deluded is thinking you can stop someone (man/woman: for it must be both way) who’s willing to cheat from doing so. And i don’t believe cheating is enough warrant to abandon your parental responsibility. Just as you would overlook other vices on your partner so should sex outside your ‘union’. Ask your self? why is sex soo sacred if not out of ‘selfish’ and narrow way of objectifying yourself. In summary marriage != sex

I look at it differently. It’s not about stopping. It’s about consequences. Just like I said n this thread -

“Silipi dowry… Bibi ni anipee watoto wawili ama watatu halafu akifikisha miaka 40 namruhusu akue malaya… Before that akinicheza narusha nje nabaki na watoto or I let her stay but never have sex with her again. Na ntakua natombana nje bt never at home…”

Everyone is differnt. Some people take cheating lightly, others don’t.

@Kimakia hutomba @T.Vercetti mkundu

Kenyan men regurgitating talking points from Western characters on the internet. Have you even checked to see if any of those points apply to Kenya? Our country is still a full fledged patriarchy, if you came out from your isolation in your bed sitter, you would realize this

I truly hope that any unmarried young men do not rely on KT for marital advice. Marriage is a beautiful thing.

You will never get me,wacha kunikatia ki psychology

Am following keenly. Sioi kazi ni pump and dump.[ATTACH=full]337118[/ATTACH]

and the way i have been feeling sorry for myself that i don’t have a wife… even my aunt last week asked me
“pesa yako unapelekanga wapi”?

Usisome na kitabu ya wenyewe. Look for a good serious chick uoe and get a kid or 2.

The first three points apply in Kenya. Priority is always given to the mother in most custody battles and men will be compelled to pay child support. Men are absolutely screwed in divorce matters. The only