Nothing Drives Ex Kunguru Crazier Than A Younger Replacement...

[I]I’ve been divorced from my husband of 18 years for two years, separated for three.
I have encouraged my ex to get out and meet new people. (He stayed home and alone for about two years.)
It must have been a New Year’s resolution of his because I no longer receive random texts to ask how I’m doing or to make casual conversation.

When I asked him who she was, he replied, Nobody. Of course, I know him well, and I knew he wasn’t being truthful.
He’s 50; she’s 25. I’m grossed out, mostly because our older daughter is 27.
The younger one is 22. I know I should be happy for him, but I’m not.

We still celebrate holidays as a big, old, happy family, which I don’t mind.
We have grandchildren, and I want the holidays to be special.
But I have no desire to celebrate them with someone who is barely older than my younger daughter.
I know it likely won’t go anywhere, but what the heck?

I’m in a happy relationship. Granted, I’m enjoying life and not planning my future or anything like that.
My mind says one thing; my heart says another. Do I need therapy? Are these normal feelings? [/I]


[I]For a long time, I have been in love with a man who is 15 years younger than I am.
We had a relationship for about a year, which ended six years ago.
Since then, we have remained friends and occasionally hooked up a few times.
The short relationship we had was close to perfect.
He broke it off with me because he said he couldn’t give me the relationship I really wanted
and I would end up resenting him or even hating him for it.

Although I didn’t understand that when he said it, I understand now he was right.
The problem is, I cannot seem to get over him. I’ve had two unsuccessful relationships since.
They weren’t the same as it was with him. I don’t know what to do.

A few months ago, I cut off everything with him, and we haven’t talked in many months.
It’s not working! I’m still in love with him and can’t get him out of my head.
I mentioned the age difference because I had a hard time with it, but he didn’t.
What else can I do? I’m afraid to start anything with someone new. [/I]



[I]My ex-girlfriend and I have been good friends for the past five years.
Even though our relationship didn’t work out, I still want to be there for her as a friend.
My ex isn’t that financially responsible, nor is her family, and she keeps asking me for bailouts.
I have loaned her thousands of dollars since our breakup…

I am of two minds about this. Part of me feels I’m being taken advantage of.
However, the other part of me knows she doesn’t have many friends and, because I believe in karma,
I tend to help those in need. Please tell me what I should do.
Should I continue helping or let her fail? [/I]


Shida ya watu inakuaga wapi,i once dated a 19 year old nikiwa in my 30’s,watu waliongea usiku mchana,…we dated for four years

Na ukaachilia?

kwani uko na miaka ngapi chief, nianze kukutumia pension? na ulioa na miaka ngapi :D:D:D:D

Bado hajaoa banae

Nilioa time simcard ilikua 3k,kabla ukunguru ikue ugonjwa,when stress ya bibi was unheard of,when kutombewa was a figment of imagination,when panties were same designs for all.
first born yangu anaeza piga nyinyi mkiwa pamoja…do the math:D:D

Ilibidi. Ingeleta skendo ka angeenda na ball yangu,she was from jehova’s witness and those fcukers dont play well with others. Hio majuu angeionea viusasa,mi mwenyewe nilikua na khupipi,alafu she was too young buda. Hapo ndo unaskia stress zakujiletea


will no longer jibizana with you , wewe ni muzee

Me too

Me too

Me too


Link ya hizi story?


#Me too

Eish! Kumbe you are older than I have always thought you were

Mbuta uko 66yrs unaongea nini

a fool and his money are a woman’s best friend