Nothing beats 90s dancehall, says shaggy

But afrobeat dint come from dancehall, there you lied.

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Currently dancehall is in ICU with artists like Skenk or whatever he callz himself taking it on a dark road.

Dancehall is here to stay. Kama ngoma ni Banjuka kama konokono teremka teremka, with hip-hop beats manufactured by free softwares off the internet, all the while the artists cannot perform live, neither can their music be replicated in an orchestra kind of setup, then they’re shortlived and have a shelf life similar to a loaf of bread.

Dancehall nowadays is dead very dead. There is no difference between dancehall and trap music. Unaskiza dancehall unadhani unaskiza trap za US.

vybz cartel revolutionized and killed dancehall… siku hizi ni kelele, jambass na seggs tu… no creativity