Note delivered by Switzerland to Iran

The Guardian claims Americans have passed a note to Iranians through the Swiss requesting:

‘'if you want to take revenge, do it in a way that’s proportional to what we did.”

Muhindi, unafanya nini America?

Death to America

America ikileta umama the world will gang up on it. Wamezidi sasa.


Wariahe niaje

Safi shiny eye

Just the warmongers and their families.
For example, majority of Americans were against Iraq invasion. Majority of Americans want US to leave the Middle East

Hio ni kama kukunja mkia

This is a post by @sani .Bila evidence then this yet another propaganda from him as usual

The USA can fight the whole world combined… that’s how powerful they are…

Bonobos in Kenya are yet to realise that a war between Iran and the US will affect Africa, Kenya included, more than any other continent hence their support for Iran to engage the US. Let me break it down a little for the simple.minded:-
[li]Tea will not be exported,[/li][li]Junk from Persia that we are used to will not be imported,[/li][li]Aid will stop as the combatants engage,[/li][li]Blame 8-4-4.[/li][/ol]

You forgot to mention the most glaring effect - the global price of oil will surge upwards (and already is)!!

Hii ndio shida yakuona Dj Afro movies in 2020 ata China pekee inaweza maliza hio ghasia…but peace prevails.

I highly doubt so. American can fight the whole world.

China & Russia can take usa head-on

Bonobos watanyamba. Reading some of their comments is actually an extreme sport.

This is the problem of being a propaganda eater. Can you check the size of the us navy alone… Its bigger and more capable than the Chinese n Russian navies combined. Russian navy is not even more capable than the UK navy. China is a regional power… They are still learning to build jet engines and carriers…

wakanda forever