Not the Best, But Also not the Worst

Esteemed gentlemen,

How would you rate this lady? Would you hit/smash?

According to me, I wouldn’t mind mounting, hammering and mauling this, at least once.[ATTACH=full]449133[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]449133[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]449133[/ATTACH]


Meffi. mbisha moja imetosha

Wapi number???

Reta angle ingine but so far deenyable

We need photos from all angles before we render our judgement!! Takataka ongeza zingine

Huyu unapanda na ngazi. Matokeo ni twigalets

Passable… :D:D

Ongeza angles.

Such soft meat should not be eaten with knife and fork but with bare hands and some kachimbari


Huyo akisimama upright that ass inapotelea kwa diaphram then tummy inachomoka from the other end of the diaphragm. Huku silipi

Puff Pass Elders

Bro … That’s some geh shit … u talkin’ right there. Hii ni mboga imeiva … managu ya elders pekee.

seems familiar but known via an acquaintance if she at one point worked in *media industry.