Not so random...

Some of these things done on foreign trips can look quite random. That happens if we only get one third of the whole picture. For instance, here is the Danish Ambassador with defence CS Raychelle Omamo meeting with the KDF top brass. With them is the Danish liaison officer and the agreement was KDF was to take care of the liaison officer.



That is one half that happened last year. While that was happening, this was also happening


The shipbuilder is in Bangladesh but the business was referred to them by JGH marine, which is a Danish company.

The US visit by Karangi…

Here he was at El Paso, the US-Mexico border being taken through how the wall works. A while later, we see this.

“Kenya begins building wall on border with Somalia”

And this as well…

“Kenya to acquire SharpEye SXV radar” which is employed mainly to control cross border movements.

And while he was there, this also happened…

There also was a photo of an F-15 flying low over an airport and right in the foreground was a Fly540 plane I can’t seem to find it though. The rumours were flying hard!!!

They never really came to pass though but a few years before that, US Navy engineers by the name SeaBees were around doing runway expansion at LAB and Wajir. Two strikes.

Then last year, Mwathethe was in Jordan to sign a defence cooperation agreement…


Seated there is some GOK fellow…



A bit of a back story. Kenya bought several F-5 airframes from Jordan, passed them to Israel to be upgraded before delivery and pilot training began then. That was in 2008. Now, Jordan does not have indigenous military weapons, they are mostly American weapons which they modified for their use, some they renamed.

Recently, Jordan had asked for new F-16’s from the US. Of course, newspaper copy pasters were running amok that pilots will NOW begin training in Jordan, which is waaaaaayyy inaccurate. This however got me thinking. Jordan is phasing out it’s F-5’s. The only reason to be training with them is we share the same aircraft type. However, thus far nothing has been random. Also, Jordan is building an F-16 pilot training center complete with full motion simulators

Here’s where I’m confused. Nothing has been random, but there are also reports from Saab of Kenyan interest in the Gripen C/D which is a direct competitor of the F-16.

There’s also unconfirmed reports (for now) of Russians willing to do business.

If nothing has been random, I dare you to imagine the possibilities.

PS: Hapana tambua the west, their interests and their lackeys: Newspaper blogging has it’s limits. Learn to look at the grander scheme of things, not petty political regurgitation. The West ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. They fund the military, the backbone of any nation. Business has to be done.

Are we still wasting money on a border fence ?

Hio wall ya US border ni kali but we all know mexicans will dig a tunnel…elchapo style

At least they make it difficult for the to just walk in and out however they like; Now they have to sweat and invent new ways in order to cross over…

@123tokambio has given the perfect response.

I can’t put it any better

I think i asked you this in one of your previous threads; or maybe not, but Is Kenya still able to do business with Russia in spite of the sanctions against them? Coz honestly, in comparison to the americans, Russians are the best and the cheaper option when it comes to armaments and maintenance costs

The illusion of security and the money made in the defence industry.

In my opinion this barely registers as a priority when all else is considered.

Interestingly, the sanctions against Rosoboronexport were lifted that meas we can do business. As much as we’re saying we go east, the West still holds a significant portion of the purse strings. It would be best to go to Russia but the defence purse strings are held by the other side

How many instances of attacks on security personnel have you read/heard where their main aim (of Al Kebbabs) is to grab weapons and the the most revered rugged vehicle; the land cruiser. Wouldn’t such cases reduce if there was a wall that would make driving across the border difficult?
Same case applies to the American wall. Its meant to limit (not eliminate) free movement; and in most cases where vehicles are involved, which make it difficult (and easy for the part of the Coyotes’ [example] human trafficking) for law enforcement to apprehend the criminals…

True. But look at it this way. Some form of protection for the LAPPSET corridor, which is a key part of vision 2030. Sort lappset then let lappset sort the others out

Asand sana. Endelea kunijenga. Sikuwa nimeiona hivyo

Hiyo ya Jordan phasing out fighter planes and the coincidental visit to Kenya by the General who is also a king ties up nicely with your theory.

Let’s wait and see if I’m speculating or it may happen

The US has the luxury of almost unlimited money and the substantial problem of hundreds of thousands/YR from around the world crossing from Mexico.

Expending our limited resources building a wall on a 700+Km border in mostly empty scrubland to prevent 10 attacks a year that result in tens and at most 100s of deaths is foolish. Even worse this is not going to eliminate the problem. Along with a very high wall the US has tens of thousands of border agents with every gadget imaginable and they still have hundreds of thousands crossing- we do not have the ability to employ to the eastern border a sizable force.
Meanwhile we lack basic infrastructure in most of our cities and towns. That money can be put to use in hundreds of other places where they would save thousands of lives.

One life is priceless. What of 100+? Are they less deserving of government protection than we who live in cities or towns? If there is a chance to significantly reduce that number, why shouldn’t it be done?

I believe the reason devolution was fought for was to ensure equitable distribution of resources and development projects. Development of some forms of infrastructure are charged to the county governments. Furthermore, those in the border areas should also be protected as they also are Kenyan citizens and taxpayers as well.

The Administration Police has been the border guard since before independence. A gendarmerie of sorts. They are the ones charged with border protection duties. Of late, have you not been seeing a difference in how they operate or how they look? Thats where the thousands of personnel are sourced from. Do not underestimate them. As for gadgets, we’ll get there.

The comparison to the US does not scale up. The US is over 200 years old while Kenya has yet to even reach sixty. They had their challenges. They learned and overcame. Give Kenya a chance


Boss, hapa umeniangusha na ukaangusha pseudo yako…
What if among those killed during such attacks 5 were your family members? Would you still see that as nothing much and move on with you daily routine life?
The US has a 3000+Km border with mexico but only 900+Km of physical barrier. So when you quote 700Km as the length of the wall to be built, umekosea. The gova only needs to build the barrier in areas commonly used by the Bandits/Al kebbabs, then utilise other surveillance resources to monitor the rest of the border.

And like i said previously, the barrier isn’t meant to eliminate, but reduce attacks. But in your case, looks like you’d prefer the funds were used elsewhere than to protect the lives of those Kenyans living around those areas; the Lesser kenyans…

Na pia hio project ya kujenga wall si ati inajengwa mara moja imeisha. Itakuwa in phases.
And Kenya is just among many countries tightening their border security

Lesser Kenyans ? I don’t think so. My and my family are more likely to die from the 3000 deaths we have a year on our roads ama domestic terrorist in form of ngeta - I’m sure they kill more than al-kebabs. I’m worried about al shabaab but I fear matatus more.
To be honest I’ve no idea how long the fence is going to be - I’ve not looked that up.