NOT OVER YET: How President Trump Could STILL Have A Path Regardless Of State Votes

Stage ya disbelief, anger naona imepita, now mko bargaining stage mnaingia hope . By the time Biden will be sworn in mtakua mumerudi default settings.

Naskia kuna mganga hutatua haya mambo

Republicans and trump werent fools to rush in barret confirmation. She was their plan b…na wahenga walisema, the main purpose of plan b, is to enforce plan a !


Slow death can be very painful. But a good treat for lowly immigrants who are opposed to immigration.

Even Hitler thought he could defeat the allies in 1944-45 at the Battle Of The Bulge.

Why do you loathe Republicans so?

I dont hate republicans or like democrats. However, since US is the superpower of the day, I prefer a more stable president in power.

In the face of a rising China and belligerent Russia, America and her allies should be on the same page. From Kenya’s perspective, the world should remain multipolar and a president who weakens the western alliance by his actions is doing china and Russia alot of favors

We dont want a situation where china is undisputed or a situation like in the 90s when America was undisputed.

In short, there must be balance and Trump weakens that balance.

tupatane supreme court

Sensible reasoning, personally I have held a view of accommodating the Republicans policies.

I’m not so big on equality rather Equity is my cup of tea, plus I mistrust LGBT crew. Too much Simpsons I suppose, the plagiarized Family Guy and American Dad characters just threw me off further.

I agree with you on the LGBT issue. And this is why I say that the US should never be an unchallenged super power. If they are, they will bring us this shit (pun intended). That LGBT stuff should remain a domestic US issue

Our relationship with America should be strictly business. Like the way they want to dual carriage the Nairobi-Mombasa highway. Let them fund the thing, operate it for 25yrs and make their profit then hand it back to us and our relationship ends there until the next project

On the other hand, china should never be undisputed. Who knows what crap theyll bring our way

Well they have brought Wuhan, it makes sense having checks and balances. It’s a shame, such a brief life spent with soulless morons who feel they need to impose themselves on others