Not even the floods could prevent these guys from shining their eyes


anafunga ya nini na imejaa maji

Why let the bread go to waste? Kwa ii situation is perfectly in order to rescue the bread from the floods.

@Deorro, hi sii hate speech ?? Shinny eye hawes shine roho safi bila kusumbuliwa??

Me sees nothing wrong here. The loaves would have gone to waste anyway. Why not help a few souls at least for a day?

Muindi hatataka kujua loaves zilikua zinaharibika, they must be accounted for.

watakula hizo mikate soaked? hizo karatasi si hukuwa na tushimo.

It’s a shiny world

Exactly, he must count them all to prove they were really damaged.

Shida ni hizo mikate zitafika soko tu , shiny bwana muko na mchezo.

But who said, goods from an accident scene must be looted?

I have a relative abroad who asks me these kind of questions. Mimi humwambia this is kenya

Crates are very costly, look keenly the guy was more intrested in the crates not the bread hence kufunga

Do insurance people compensate after such incidents?

shit hole manenos,wacha nikaone comments kule trumpistan’s worldstar hip hop

Yes. If any goods in transit are part of the cover. You will ofcourse have to prove the value of what you’ve lost