Not Even One Soul in assmio has Congratulated ogola! Do You Know Why?

I told you ogola was our guy in the National Security Council wengine hawakuamini. Ask yourself why nobody from assmio has congratulated him. They discovered albeit late that the guy was a Ruto man. They are so mad. How can a jaluo betray baba? They have now started connecting dots that ogola would gather intel, pass it to Dr. Raymond Omolo, who would inturn take it to the Doyen mwenyeye. Habari ndio hio.

He is allegiance is to the Republic of Kenya and not Uhuru or Ruto…congratulations apewe na bibi yake or a group of his peers.

Ogolla swore before the almighty God that he will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the President, and that he will obey all orders, directions and instructions concerning the Kenya Defence Forces

umafwi thread

Degree muhimu.

How did Ogolla betray Baba? How was he a Ruto man? Yeye ni mtu ya procurement alikuwa anapea Ruto biashara za military, ama alikuwa anapea Ruto silaha? Ama alikuwa anatuma soldiers waprotect Ruto secretly? Nini hufanyika kwa National Security Council enye mtu anafaa kuwa na mtu wake huko?

Ogola will only serve for 1 year then retire due to his age and military rules. Navy to produce next top soldier

Ruto ni PHD.
Baba ni mechanic… :D:D

Game ni 3-0.

Our guy nyef nyef

you expect an answer from someone with no Degree?

acha machungu buana. Tell jakuon to congratulate the guy.

You love stupid conspiracy theories. If only you can put that energy to better use

This is not conspiracy. assmio idiots would be celebrating if these facts are on the contrary.


Ogola alishapeana mkia

Jaluos do not recognize any Luo who is above Raila, even if that jaluo becomes a president.while Raila is alive.

Kweli hii cult ya Ruto ni strong kuliko ya MacKenzie

Kagege, the Tonje rules are very clear on succession in the military. So the head of the airforce, who happened to be General Ogolla was to take over tugege mpende msipende. Also why should we azimio congratulate him? Were Kibwana, Mwathathe, Kibochi etc congratulated by politicians? The military is apolitical. So peleka hio upus yako mbali.

Congratulating Ogolla publicly by Assmio on his appointment will draw attention of Ruto appointing a Njaruo (Ruto had no option though). This will be contra to Luos victimhood narrative. So, they have to pretend it never happened and hope that their followers did not notice.

NB: Nabii’s government is still as tribal as fck. With this appointment, he no option but to follows the rules that are in place

So after the forthcoming handshake between baba and jambass utasema baba was looto’s mole in azimio? Kagege kichwa yako ni mzuri kweli? Wina mutwe mwega?