Not Cars, Not RBNBs...But Wives And Kids Are Now For Rent In Kenya...

In Summary
•The Kenyan Coast is sitting on a time bomb, with tourists visiting the destination ostensibly to have sex with children.
•But child prostitution is not only prevalent but also socially accepted in towns and villages along the coast. Authorities and charities are struggling to halt the illicit trade.

TRADE: A young Kenyan girl taking care of an elderly tourist at the Kenyan Coast.

“Why should I make another woman rich yet my wife is jobless?”

James Kimani, a tour guide at Kilifi, asked after a tourist asked him to hook him up with a woman for a weekend.
Kimani said the tourist was rich. He had seen him sponsor all his five friends on various excursions.
He wanted a lady to keep him company during his holiday in Kenya.

“After giving it a thought I said, 'Yes I have a nice, bubbly woman. She is dark-skinned, well endowed and naughty. She is my younger sister, very single and well behaved. I can bring her tomorrow,” Kamau said.
Kamau was describing his wife. They have been married for 10 years.
On the evening of August 2018, he went home and made the proposal to the wife.
“Honey, the man is German. I will take you tomorrow to him. All I need you to do is act like my sister avoid raising any suspicion and satisfy him fully. Once he pays you, we will need that money to pay school fees for our two children,” he said.
The woman accepted and ever since she has been in business. Her husband hooks her up with rich visitors.
She takes home Sh40,000 monthly from the trade.
“We still love each other, we are still married and she supports this family. She is the breadwinner,” Kamau said.

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Does the police do something about this issue?

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