Northlands Farm is currently on Fire



Endeleeni hivo tu…

Since mmeamua tutakuwa na bonobos as our leaders,
Kaende kaende.


Someone must be clearing Wanjiku’s land to cultivate maize ili bei ya unga ishuke…si iko juu? Na watu hawaweskufa njaa while mbirrionaire mwizi amepanda miti kwa shamba ya wanjiku bila kulipa tax…while anachochea moto nchi wengine…having stashed loot pandora

Uhunye should continue keeping his silence… Not fall into the trap

Getting out of hand

Next week it will be a tripple M

Monday Maandamano Maziwa

Na tutachemsha maziwa na gas.

Has any current president around the world called Ruto and told him to go easy on Konyagi1? I assume Konyagi1 had friends among presidents. No?

He should also try keeping his money to himself, not funding riots to disrupt businesses.

thursday tuko kwa streets bado

If this was planned, then it’s a crude way of revenge. Those in power have more sophisticated ways of dealing with individuals they hate. Kichini chini.

this isn’t right.

Kuja u demonstrate pande ya Spring Valley,nitakushika nikupeleke kwa keja yangu hapo Kyuna nikubake hadi 6pm.
Nikikuwachilia utakuwa umechoka uko na nguvu ya kutembea hadi Kawangware kwa uncle yako

Shit just hit fan.

Civil war loading…

Ruto has been too unfair to Uhuru. On top of yesterday, recall that he totally undermined and sabotaged Uhuru’s last 5 years as soon as 2017’s elections were over. Surely, natural Justice should do her work…

The deputy from hell. The man can’t keep friends. Now combine him and Gachagua and God help this country. Moi the dog was never mistreated by Kibaki yet he messed us up real good, together with YK92 where this thief was a main actor.

This situation can only get worse . The people in power don’t see that the wanton use of force, both legitimate and illegitimate, only complicates things and makes them stick out as the real enemies of the people

  1. Why stop demos which were announced several days ago, causing them to get violent?
  2. Why barricade roads and make people eg in Kibra, Mathare and Kisumu unable to leave their neihlghbourhoods. Is that what maintaining law and order looks like
    3.Why disallow the citizenry to speak about the things they are unhappy with. What is the likely end result of all these forms deliberate suppression?
    Wafikirie sana, this pretence is not fooling anyone. The same people claiming to be humble, law abiding and, laughably, God-fearing. This is how people create a situation where they can no longer show their faces in public, and God will not recognise them either.