North Koreas ballistic missile clears a forest and creates a deep lake


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Putin kanyaga shingo usihurumie


Wish ingeland Statehouse ya Kenya at Midnight


Moja ianguke kimwarer


In Nature , when an individual in a troop goes rogue or becomes non-conformist , only 3 options remain …

  • elimination.
  • forced expulsion.
  • being forced to comply for the greater good of the troop.

The problem with Humans is that we coddle troublemakers for too long …

No one , even a Superpower , has a right to just wake up every morning and launch dangerous weaponry into the territory of others …

If rocket boy Kim wants to test his nuclear weapons , let him do so INSIDE his own North Korean territory …

Ngombe Kabisa …:rage:

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Nani ako na number ya Mutiso Putin anisaidie nayo nione kama anaweza launch moja hapa


Kim is a 2nd generation heir and they have done whatever they want without any challenge. His grandfather, his dad, and his heirs will test whatever weapons they have as they wish.
North Korea’s enemies must face elimination, forced expulsion or they comply.

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is it russian or north korean you moron

Problem will be solved JSKS akule pesa bila laana :green_emoji:
Americans si wainvade n.korea vile walido Vietnam tuone vile itasonga

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Semi illiterate mungich, the missile is made by north Korea, launched by Russia.

Kim wanted to test his missiles against Patriot defense systems. Best was to have Rssia lauch them in UKR. The results are enticing. Sasa kakiweza tamba against S.Kor ama Yues, anajua zitawachafua kama shiet


all that from that video shot by a fellow moron really?

Ulisoma apo juu that the missile was intercepted. It didn’t get to its target.

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what caused the crater then?

The intercepted missile made the crater, the interception reduced the impact, the damage would have been much if not intercepted.

Even after being intercepted, it still has charge. So it detonates on crashing.

Therefore launching those missiles like cluster bombs zikifuatana will frustrate the defence systems and if they score few hits hio land itakua great lakes za united Sodom and Canada? The results are enticing if you think strategically

That was not the first launch. Wamezituma since end of December. Kim is interested in the performance data

Yes that’s the case. The problem is, the US is using them to mold their defence systems. If it can’t get to its target, it’s pretty useless.

After sending such cluster bombs, they will be praying they get to celebrate before being annihilated from the face of this world.