North Korea Warns Of NUCLEAR Response If Provoked. EVIL Westerners Don't Own This Planet Anymore

Westerners don’t own this planet, gotta keep satan in check.


Also. Not our problem

We Decoded The Nuclear Weapons At North Korea’s Military Parades

North Korea has a growing arsenal of nuclear weapons, including intercontinental missiles that can supposedly hit the US.
Military parades showcase the country’s latest capabilities

You lie. Those are shells, call them contraptions not missiles

With all the talk that this country is super shit hole how do they finance their projects? Niliskia hao huhack but is that enough for their r&d.


You have to enslave ur people to do it. Uganda’s economy is twice as big but even the warlike M7 is more interested in building personell carroers instead of nukes

" We will totally obliterate them". Hillary Clinton during her campaign trail when asked what she would do if Iran attacked Israel with chem/biological weapons. That’s what will equally happen to N. Korea. They will cease to exist as we now know it.[SIZE=1]She later apologized…[/SIZE]

Kim jong un boy wangu ako ngangari. This time gringo have no where to hide. We will nuke them.

Vita vya nuclear sio vita na havina mshindi… ni maangamizi tu kwa wasiokuwa na hatia na hilo sio lengo la vita. Wanaume ni kulimana omundu khu mundu with equal gears. Hata @PHARMACY akishtuliwa kidogo na @uwesmake hudai anaendea kamuti Kitui ndio Bukusu aogope. Unajua kuwa makele na vitisho ni silaha pia:D

Let them blast away. Sote kwa baba pap

Wakamba wajinga wamezoea vitisho vya uchawi lakini sisi hatutambui hiyo upussy