North Korea Vs South Korea soldiers!!


South Korea cannot defend itself, it relies on external help from US

north korea would be better off it were led by an actual revolutionary person intead of that fat kid in a fat kid’s body called kim …but still better than kissing uncle sam’s ass

better off aje? their life expectancy is higher than in kenya. their public transport is better than in kenya. they enjoy better lives than kenyans

better off than how they are right now …i wasnt comparing it to Kenya .but ofcourse the useless doom and gloom crusaders will always bitch about kenya in any given opportunity

These folks are one people, they should make up.

hawana shida wao. they are not complaining.

You’ve got your Koreas mixed up.

Yes we will. We will not sugarcoat things. Things are bad. Asshole.

If they united like the way German did they would be at almost the same per with the Japanese

thats exactly what i said …kulialia tu while doing nothing about it …even for something that has nothing to do with kenya you make it all about kenya

this war has been costly for both. South korea spends billions, which has denied its citizens access to crucial suppot. Many still depend on charcoal for heating. Things are even worse in north korea

Am talking about North KOREA