North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in grave danger after surgery, report says


This guy must have unhealthy eating habbits. Heart sugery at 36? Hizo ni vitu za 60s

nk propaganda says the man doesn’t shit, he is a god:D:D:Dhope them oppressed yellow mofos finally have the balls to rise up


Hereditary. And he is a heavy smoker.

It’s like the foolish boy only eats cake, candy and juicy rib steaks, then washes it down with soft drinks. You really have to be privileged to be fat in a country like NK. Huyu si atamaliza Kim dynasty?

His grandpa was also chubby, but lucky the food back then was mainly organic.

Surgeons working for CIA


I hope that fat ferk dies

May your dog too

I can’t care if he dies or lives.
His war is with America not Africa and I doubt if any North Korean would know where Kenya is or the people who live there.

Fake news kutoka cnn.

Huyu jama ako na mtoto anaweza inherit hio kiti au the military will take over?

I don’t have a dog

Her sister who may take over is crazier. 2020 is delivering.

:smiley: They are too brainwashed to rise up against their glorious overlords. From the videos I’ve seen,in all schools and theater performances, these people have a mantra that they repeat in praise of their “glorious leader”. Even in daily activities they sneak in that mantra repeatedly. It’s pathetic.

I hope South Korea could just invade this country so that we have a Korean republic

Akikufa hao ma doctor wote wanaenda execution chambers straight …

The dead of a parasite that thrives on the blood and sweat of the downtrodden calls for week long celebrations.