Norman Magaya


The comments are merciless.

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So much wrong here I don’t even know where to begin.

The “parties” are a big joke.

If you organize a party as a coalition of tribes with a king like ‘flagbearer’ from a monarchical line, you’ll have nothing but disappointment.

We never learn though.


Especially that one, asking why the Somalis, who are considered marginalized, have hacked it, vs The Luhyas, who are second biggest tribe. That’s savage.
On the other hand, what i failed to understand is why the Luhyas, opted out of The Kibaki Govt ? Having at one point, held the most Cabinet position, and that of VP.

NASA hapa walijifunga own goal you can’t be preaching water and hammering wine. That dude really stuck out his neck for Rao something that really got him in the cross hairs of the government. Yaani Kati ya oburu and kalonzo they couldn’t sacrifice one slot for him??? Just one? Classic example of Africa kills her own son . The betrayal stinks to high heavens and just like that NASA losses another battle hardened leiutenant!


One Reason:
refers to both the people and their language. There are 18 (and by other accounts, 19, when the Suba are included) tribes that make up the Luhya (Source Wikipedia).

He must really feel used and wasted, Duale was was very happy to fry him


Can you estimate how many Jubilee votes the NRM ‘strategist’ would have gotten even with Musyoka and Oburu not contesting?

Jubilee nah think zero his militant approach during campaigns was enough rope to hang himself

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The Kalejins, despite having 9 sub-tribes, have managed to speak with one political voice.
On the other hand, the Luhya unity has proven elusive, why then, don’t the good people of Mlembe do away with the term Luhya altogether.
Why not approach politics as individual tribes ?

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I guess their problem is waiting for someone to speak on their behalf, they need to make individual decisions. Take for example what guys call gema, 3 distinct ethnic groups and they speak with one voice, akin to thuraku.

/@Hegoat and @dabu, if you go back to history then you will understand why, say, a mnyore like me finds it tough to develop a close ethnic relations with, say a bukusu. Apart from phonetics, which to me is a lesser evil, there are very strong cultural differences that make Luhyia unity almost impossible to achieve. So the kalenjins, with their 9 subtribes, appear to be glued together but don’t forget they are all nilotes if am not wrong, and I believe they have strong common cultural traits…again having had a president from the area rule for 20 odd yrs helps, and you know how he ruled…Luhyia tribe was conjured up by politicians for political reasons…and wont last if it doesn’t find other uses outside politics…

On Magaya’s part I understand ODM/NASA was fully behind him…but some games were played in parliament which did him in…offcourse his abrasiveness didn’t help…compare to Oburu who reached out to jubilee way before parliament voted

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I had confused this guy with Harman Manyora the “political analyst” who claimed to be feeling the heart beat of the nation and that it was pulsing for Raila.
Poor guy must have been a mortician. He was feeling the heart beat of a corpse.


@Hegoat @dabu also remember the Kalenjin enjoyed years of plasticized prosperity under Moi and then some cold tundra came. Their thinking is they would go back to prosperity if they unified for 1 party. Luhyas have never tested that.

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  1. He was not from Parliament, but a total outsider;

  2. He has repeatedly said that he does not recognize the President and by implication the entire Parliament that was elected in the same general elections.

Choices have consequences. Magaya can wait for the other inauguration and the subsequent rewards.


the old man Moi had alot to do with this unity

yep, a total outsider, he didn’t know how to play and I guess NASA knew what they were doing when they fronted his name…because total exclusion of his name would have still been met with protests. I applaud the old man Oburu…he lobbied those jubilee legislators hard.
And btw what happened to Nyachae?

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the only things luhya subtribes have in common are

  1. Pica appetite
  2. Funny noses
  3. Shitty accent

every other major tribe has its own TV station including Somalis lakini sisi watu wa ugali iyo ilitushinda


Do we even own any major business entity…hata matatu saccos zote za Mumias na kakamega sitashtuka kuskia ni za centro

ukiambia waluhya climax ni za wasapere wa Thika jamaa wanaeza ata kupiga 9 but iyo ndio ukweli