nordic accidents vs vumbistan

This makes me happy:

Road deaths in Oslo (pop. 673.000) in 2019:

Pedestrians: 0
Cyclists: 0
Children: 0

The graph shows the reduction of road deaths since 1975.

Article in Norwegian:


while in vumbistan ,one fatality every hr

kwani hakuna pikipiki?

If only the world could take note

I’m tempted to use a word bon* on wheels but I promised a certain sweet lady @Hot Chocolate! I wont.

Anyway this wont stop me from airing my thoughts.There was a minister Ngeny Arap Ngeno who was Moi minister in charge of roads. Many times we pleaded with him to dual Nakuru-Nairobi highway to reduce head-on accidents …instead he channeled all the corruption money to his farms and tea factory.

In early 2000 his beloved wife (very nice mama) died on the same nakuru-nairobi highway on head on collision. I’m sure he remembered the plea we were making to him.

Unfortunately, it’s only when it hits home (pun not intended) that Hawa watu huskia. Our man Nyon’go na cancer, and then efforts slowed down until Ken Okoth.

Kama Ni hivo basi tuwaombee all the misfortunes that get Kenyans everyday, then maybe something will happen!

You do know that in Norway you cannot drink and drive? No even one drink!
Owning a car is very expensive due to high license fees but they have a good public transport system.
It’s called good policies.


Niliwai ingia casualties sekshen…watu wa nduthi, wah

they painted thika rd red and called it brt lane,.They’re more into eating than implementing anything, kulikuwa na plans ya ku phase out 14 seaters but bonoboism prevailed, .uhuru is the one who made motorcycles affordable as a finance minister, that box will never be closed,

Africa, and Kenya in particular is way behind on matters personal attitudes to many things.
For as long as something benefits us, we don’t care its impact on others.
The government is also unable to rein in on its citizens due to various political interests.
it will be a long time before sanity prevails in our dear motherland.

Poverty leads to corruption and corruption leaders to many deaths on the Kenyan roads.
[SIZE=6]Countries With The Highest Road Traffic Death Rate[/SIZE]
Rank Country Car Accident Deaths (Per 100,000 Inhabitants)
1 Libya 73.4
2 Thailand 36.2
3 Malawi 35.0
4 Liberia 33.7
5 Democratic Republic of the Congo 33.2
6 Tanzania32.9
7 Central African Republic32.4
8 Iran32.1
9 Rwanda32.1
10 Mozambique 31.6
11 São Tomé and Príncipe 31.1
12 Togo31.1
13 Burkina Faso 30.0
14 Gambia 29.4
15 Dominican Republic 29.3
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]16 Kenya 29.1

Corruption ndio inamaliza sisi