None can prove the beginning

Wheather scientific or biblically no one or no source that can explain the beginning… the bible just say in the beginning there was the word which doesn’t make sense at how did it begin? The scientists on the other hand jusy gives theories…

kumbe bangi iko na strains tofauti?

qkuna strain ya kuchizi inakufanya unatomba doggy
na kuna strain ya philosophy inakufanya ufikirie maswali kama hizi

Yep… uko na shida na my life style? Ama unataka nikufinye instead ya doggy? Wewe ndo wale watu hukataza kuku kula mavi na yet hukuli? Mind your shit niggar

No one knows exactly how the universe began existing. Even the scientists are still babbling about some funny theories. Only God knows how exactly. Yet the details are not given in the Bible

The reality is the “beginning” is timeless, so it can’t have a beginning

Am saying the same thing

Kuna evidence of how the universe began

Poppy amekulamba mcoosh

Time itself had a beginning at the Bing Bang.

That is just a theory

Hahaah yes… the best puppys in the world zinalala kwa bed yangu

Leta evidence… no one knows ata a dot

Bing Bang kijanaa.That’s the beginning of the Universe as we know it.It is a proven scientific fact because the universe is still expanding. Meaning if you go backwards, you can reach its beginnings(Singularity) at about 14.5 Billion years ago.

So how do You know that its only God knows?
Are you aware of the implications you’ve brought to yourself?
It means you are a God yourself and from your unique vantage point in the universe, you have known the unknowable. Only You and God knows the secret of the beginning of the universe!

I and I alone. Keeping it ital is what I Know

Do some reading

Its a fact a theory my frnd… how did the beginning begin?? Tell me

Believe me i have read so much… karibu nichizi

Ireeeee… jahhhh rastafari

I am just matter and I believe you can’t create or like get rid of matter yani huwazi maliza mimi…