Non salaried Kenyans to pay 1.5% housing levy

Mama Mboga and boda bodas to pay housing levy.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ‘Luto si mubaya, wale wamemuzuguka dio wambaya’ tugeges wanaona moto.





Hii kitu waongeze Kwa fuel, electricity na vat kila mtu alipe.


Tujenge nchi, if this taxes were imposed 50 years ago and our leaders had the competency required to lead us, Sahi tungekuwa ligi Moja na Singapore.

Lakini kenyarra senior na Mzee moi messed us.

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“Formalize business to enjoy tax relief”?


how will they pay? there is nothing that will compel them to pay.

The KRA officers are already on the ground visiting all businesses to ensure kila mtu amelipa including mama mboga.

In a notice to the public, the Revenue Service assistants will among other duties facilitate online registration of trading businesses, verify taxpayer details, and support compliance with TIMS/eTIMS regulations.

They will also support compliance with excise regulations, and data collection for the taxman.

“Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) informs the public that it has rolled out a Revenue Service Assistants (RSAs) program whose mandate is to support taxpayers with their compliance needs,” the notice reads.

“The RSAs will provide on-site facilitation to taxpayers, which will involve physical visits to taxpayer premises within the country.”

KRA urged the public to interact with the RSAs and let them know how they can be of assistance to them.

this cant work especially to people like boda boda operators, drivers, matatu conductors etc. these are people who are self employed and payment from them is voluntary hata useme ni lazima itakuwa ngumu sana. sasa mtu wa boda boda atatoa pesa ndo nyumba yenye hatawai ishi ijengwe?

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Everyone with a salary including sweepers in offices wanakatwa hio pesa and they will never live in those houses.

Without including everyone the housing TAX will be axed again by the courts on grounds of treating citizens differently

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This thing should be voluntary. How was Uhuru able to build his over 10k units? What happens if you don’t end up buying a house thru this scheme, will your contribution be reimbursed with interest?

How can you know the gross income of eg:

  1. Jamaa wa kushona viatu
  2. Mtu wa beba beba
  3. Mtu wa mayai, kahawa na mandazi
  4. Mtu wa bodaboda
  5. Kibanda ya mboga
  6. Mtu wa Gikomba

You should all quit whining …

You are the ones who empowered those Shareholder Hustler Conmen and Thieves in 2022

Now …
Enjoy all their nonsense until 2027 and then we will see what better choices you will make …

Ngombe Kabisa …
All of You …:rofl::joy:

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Why do you sound as if you are the only one who voted for Wajakoya? Stop being holier-than-thou, ng’ombe kabisa.

We have sooo many homeless people in each county and we really need houses to tame this national disaster before it totally gets out of hand; now don’t we?:rofl: #niabm

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2032 you mean? Ujinga you will witness in 2027 will be epic!!

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thats what i asked and @Landlord was busy copying and pasting news articles. this idea is just impractical.

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