NOKIA To Revive N73 Smartphone & Pack It With A 200MP Camera

Nokia N73: HMD Global rumoured to be bringing back classic smartphone with Samsung’s 200 MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor.

In March, HMD Global stated to Android Authority that it wanted to ‘stand for something very different’ than getting into ‘a massive spec war with other players’. However, there are now contradictory reports that the company plans revive the Nokia N73, originally released in 2006. Supposedly, HMD Global is developing the new Nokia N73 with a penta-camera too, last seen in the Nokia 9 PureView.

According to CNMO, the Nokia N73 has two LED flash modules as well, mirroring the upcoming OnePlus Nord 2T. Incidentally, the same source alleges that HMD Global has sourced the ISOCELL HP1, a 200 MP camera that Samsung announced last year. For reference, the ISOCELL HP1 is expected to debut in the Motorola Frontier, which has already been leaked several times.

While camera samples from the ISOCELL HP1 have not emerged yet, the sensor has a 1/1.22-inch optical format and 0.64 μm-wide pixels that it can increase to 2.56 μm by using pixel-binning to output at 12.5 MP. It remains to be seen whether the Nokia N73 will resemble the renders shown too. Ultimately, we would recommend exercising some scepticism until other Nokia N73 leaks arrive.

Walete the 5800 music Xpress. This phone had spatial stereo music. It was the phone equivalent of a home theatre

Was it the Slide squarish phone?
Was very nice

No, i think it was nokia’s first touchscreen phone

Nokia’s attempt at making flagships over the last few years has been disappointing.

They should stick to feature phones

Nokia ni kichwa ngumu,its a little too late but wacha tuone

Nokia 9 PureView was good but marketing team was asleep.

Shitty ram and processor will kill the dream.

What for now? Nokia will soon end up in its deathbed with such idiotic phones. Heri waanze kutengeneza ata laptops

Feature ndio kusema aje

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Dumb phones/Kambambe phones/ the opposite of smartphones

Nokia really dropped the ball.

Kuna time a nokia biz phone was the shit.

I spent almost entire helb on the E75 back then. :smiley: Ngeus nilikua nawatolea pocket kama T- Bag at Foxriver

They have laptops

Nokia PureBook X14 Full Specifications
[li]General. Brand. Nokia. Model. PureBook X14. …[/li][li]Display. Size. 14.00-inch. Resolution. 1920x1080 pixels.[/li][li]Processor. Processor. Intel Core i5 10th Gen.[/li][li]Memory. RAM. 8GB.[/li][li]Graphics. Dedicated Graphics. No.[/li][li]Storage. Hard disk. No. SSD. 512GB.[/li][li]Connectivity. Bluetooth version. 5.1.[/li][li]Inputs. Web Camera. Yes. Pointer Device.[/li][/ul]

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Prison break was the shit… Back to Nokia, Chinese phones ndio shida kubwa, Africa Xiaomi , Tecno na Oppo ndio zinaenda kama hot cake. Samsung wasipofikiria watamaliswa hapa Africa. For example, Xiaomi redmi 11 Oled screen (1080) + 90hz refresh rate, dual speakers, good camera for 18-20k , fast charging, mid range Qualcomm Snapdragon soc, while Samsung galaxy 03s ips LCD screen (720p) 60hz refresh rate, crappy camera cost 15-16k