Nokia Dominated MWC 2018

[ATTACH=full]159626[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]159627[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]159628[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]159629[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]159630[/ATTACH] Watch out for this company,they might have a long way to go to catch up with akina Apple and samsung but soon or later they’ll be among the best.Nokia under HMD Global yesterday at world mobile congress introduced 5 of their upcoming device. Nokia Banana 4G. Nokia 8 Sirocco. Nokia 7+android one.Nokia 6 2018. and Nokia 1 Go Edition. Samsung all they had was Galaxy s9 which is no much better than S8,nothing amazing about s9 its just small improvement of s8

If they had partnered with android early enough sai wangekua far saana. But there is hope

hiyo nokia 7 plus iko tu sawa, but the price bana

hio Nokia 8 ni moto

The nokia devices are well designed and built but sasa shida ni pricing yao for the price of one nokia 8 sirocco you could get 2 Oneplus 5t’s

The S9 and s9+ are stills beasts

And finally…
Nokia still wont allow unlocking it’s device bootloaders and wont provide kernel source codes so after the 2 upgrades you are left hanging

Soon they will provide source code am hoping

Kwanza that gold lining makes them very nice reminds me when Sony Ericsson had very vibrant colours

Team minokia wenzangu ,if you’re planning to invest in one ngoja hadi Dec bei zitashuka, bought mine Nokia 5 in November last year @ksh 28,000 saa hii inacheza kitu ksh 17000 Nokia 6 i can bet you can get it at ksh 21000.

But you guys that the company manufacturing the new Nokia is not Nokia the old company. The Company making the new phone is HMD global in partnership with Foxconn, the outsourced manufacturers of I-phone. It only bought the brand name for the phone market. Thought you should know and not get so much nostalgic.

KUMBAFFU!! Unaona villagers ni wajinga kama wewe. Ama unataka kuonekana ati wewe ni intelligent. Peleka ujinga huko. Of course we all know HMD Global acquired the rights to have the NOKIA name put in their phones.



Team Nokia hoiyeeee!! weka sim card ya Faiba Afande, I last used safaricom airtime on 23rd Dec last year.

Hatutoki Xiaomi NG’O!

Badala ya kungoja Nokia 6(very mediocre phone), get a very able Xiaomi at that price right away

Xiaomi hoyeee!! :D:D


Naomi meff

Bure kabisa

I’m still resisting safari thieves,line ya kuanza faiba line two airtell.


Its plain simple…

Line 1 Saf for receiving calls and Mpesa
Line 2 Airtel for making free calls to other Airtel numbers and making calls for 2/- to other networks
Faiba MiFi for cheap internet

And the day continues as usual

ukinunua nokia 6 at 21k saa hii nikuibiwa unaibiwa

skuizi saf ni messo za offer wananispam nazo waende hukoo