Noisy Naijaz in BB House.

These guys, that house! Its like a shouting match, everyone is talking at the sametime, the mics are having feedback. Guys are all doing it for the cameras… Wat a wack bunch of contestants.

leta nudes…

Shower hour ni saa ngapi?
Ya females only, ya ndume ambia uwesmake.

BB niliona mwisho ile ya 2004

What kind if people do you expect at that kind of an event? Attention seekers and exhibitionists ofcourse.

Mwanaume mzima unakaa chini unaina BB? You must be living a very boring life.

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BB ni blueband ama?


Si wewe ndio ulikuwa unasema you went through a dry place for 7 years mfunulizo ukiwa Mombasa of all places?

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