nobody can stop reggae

cash crunch effects.

The Treasury has raised an alert over delays in paying civil servants salaries ahead of Christmas amid a cash crunch triggered by the coronavirus economic hardships.
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani told MPs that increased demands and lower collections by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) could force the government to either postpone or delay some payments to civil servants.
He also warned the National Assembly’s Finance and National Planning committee that the Treasury will table a supplementary budget in Parliament that will for the first time freeze some essential government services.
This signals the gravity of the country’s rapidly deteriorating cash-flow situation that is marked by falling State revenues and worsening debt service obligations.

Reggae is dead. Move on.

reggae was stopped in msambweni more to come

not the reggae for BBIchieth but financial crisis in the government, read the article vile yatani is saying revenues are down, mishara itachelewa yet schools are opening in two weeks time and expect reduction of funding to services.

Siku ile mshahara ya Mpigs itachelewa is the day I’ll believe Kenya has no money

yao haiwezi chelewa, afadhali knh ikae bila funding but mps must be paid.

That’s excellent news, let them feel the heat!! Lockdown those monkeys were earning for work not done. 98M will be used to verify 1M signatures, and that’s before referendum, and election.
Good riddance

A significant number of our civil servants have side hustles. Some are legit since they have all the time in the world and some are manmade kama bribes. Salary is not really a big deal to them.

Red flags ziko peupe

Uhuru has really messed up the country not even in the worst Moi years were civil servants not paid!!

The only people who collect big bribes are the bosses. The rest struggle to even make 5k a month from bribes.

We celebrated corruption to an extent we have burned down the house, uhuru is trying to blame corona but we all know it is the expensive debts he had been taking despite being warned by experts. Uhuru inherited a healthy economy but behaved like a sploit brat who spend cash with zeal but no knowledge.

na bado …i personally want a “Greek crisis scenerio” ndo burukenge muache kupiga kura kikabila

I will take your word for it…but…