No Wonder They End Up Behind JaKuon

If Atwoli represents the most brilliant mind in Western Kenya, they are doomed:

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Cheeesos! Happy New Year manze, take a chill pill kiasi…enjoy




Unless you were invited to the party that was NYS, Afya, and Eurobond, you are also doomed.
Its no secret jubilee will stay in power NO MATTER WHAT. We shall stand on the sidelines and watch as the country is plundered for the next five years.
Let us all swallow this pill and carry on with our merry lives.

Who did this survey? Ni wale watu walifanya ya Raila?

I suspect that Atwoli bought this report.

After failing to unite under CORD the idiots further fragment their regional unity

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this is shaping out just like jubilee hoped

apan tambua atwolichieth tutafuata chenye baba atasema , hio report pahali nimejua ni meffi ni hapo amesema oparanya ati ana lead na 70% hehehe hi ngombe Khalwale anaiangusha by 11 am