No wonder Purple likes this guy so much. He's just another Waititu.



@Purple sababu gani unapenda wezi hivi?

@Purple anapenda Waititu kweli?

Waititu doesn’t grasp the seriousness of his crimes. Grab one of his properties and hell get serious.

The longest thread in support of Waititu on this site was started by Purple. She said Kiambu people had chosen wisely etc etc (she was high on ukabila).

Ukabila is one thing that gets me out of a thread mara one. Kiambu residents come from everywhere in the country. Anocdote: a friend of mine has kids named after him and his wife. Why? He built a house on his small farm and another small house for them and makes sure they have medical exams every year.

Caring is not about tribe.

You remember all that? Fake news of course. :smiley:
Now, I think you have some deep seated issues that I can’t help you solve.
I’m no more a tribalist than a Migorian who supports Obado. Let people be!

I’m yet to hear you write a post that is not controversial.

I remember that post now.

And then kuna kitu pending bado madam admin

Kiambu ni ya Agikuyu Bana. Ni kama kusema Bungoma wachague governor Maasai

kablack beauty kamefanya nini sasa?

Not really. It is the only County apart from Mombasa and western that has elected not only luhya, luo, kisii but also indian representatives.

I actually don’t remember much that happens here. Not even in my own threads.


Two defining moments for me on this site is when you posted that thread (in support of Waititu demanding Kiambu jobs go to ‘locals’) and when Gashwin defended the decision to give Githeriman the HSC.

Went a long way to drive the point home that we do not have a nation.

Another such defining moment might be underway as well, the whole appointment of Kochalle to chair a board despite his death. That was demoralizing enough until the CS in finding out Kochalle has been dead for a while and he proceeded to appoint HIS widow to the same position on the same night.

Come to find out, we don’t have a country either.

Are you saying Junet should not be an MP in Migori ?

Also, the argument was not for Kiambu people to elect a non-kikuyu (they don’t have to), but that they wanted to hire Kikuyus only for government jobs when Kiambu is not a Kikuyu-only county.

I support that. Hata wakikuyu hawapewi kazi Kisumu or Kajiado which are cosmopolitan!

That’s not true. That’s just your assumption.

Bring facts, data and figures