No wonder munaita plantation

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I was 23 when I first got married he was 28. Hubby had this hot 25 yr old hunk of a friend he would bring home… he - hubby would sleep off and leave us to it…he once invited the guy and his girl among others to the house for NYE, by 5am everyone was down except for the two of us. We f•cked till in hubby’s car. Now at 38 and in my second marriage I wouldn’t do it. I was just young and stupid. And yes, he found out sunk into depression lost his job/ businesses and became bunkrupt. We parted a yr later.

Alafu huyu ameamua kufungua roho.

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Hello, fuliza identity.
A guy who works in Othaya KNH has been chewing my wife. I know all about it and one day i will act accordingly. Ma’keBobo post hii as a warning. This issue of kukuliana bibi inakuanga such disrespect. I can assure you mazishi tunayo this 2022. Mchele lazima watu wakule kwa kina nanii.

Hehehe. Women are bastard devils

Hehe, human beings are. The women are fucked by men. Hii dunia kila mtu alikuja solo…
If men want women to behave then they should stop fucking them na hio haiweskani because we are self centred. We do not care about each other.

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leta hekaya mkubwa

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Ndoa ikifikia mahali kupipi anakuliwa inje jitoe tu


Cc the MGAYTOW Chairman @Kodiaga

Tulisema kitambo that one day, your wife atamwagiwa ndani na another dude and she will enjoy every second of it.

Pray that you don’t find out or catch a disease. I have already made peace with that.

Nishawai weka kadhaa za cousin

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Sad but true,hauwezi epuka.

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Peruse through my threads

Peruse through my threads

Plantation is pure misery.