No Wonder Kenya Police are usually so bitter. Imagine boss akikufanyisha upuzi kama hii


Ujinga ni mbaya kuliko ugonjwa

:D:D:D:D:D…You guys expect to much from D- material.

That’s an order ,maswali baadae sorry hakuna maswali

Asin wanazifukuza ziende wapi?

Yaani they can’t shoot thugs but locust…
Idiots getting bigger and “better” everyday


Shoot WHAT in the air?

:D:D shoot the locusts…

Please provide best logical solutions instead

the noise scares the insects to death

ujinga ya bingwa na pamba.
25 million locust itashootiwa na G3?

Funny guys huh, I meant shoot what sort of ammunition or content of said ammunition.

nikuulize nongwe hii ushai ona wadudu wakishtuliwa na sauti tangu uzaliwe?


They should bring fishing nets and catch all that protein

Hehehe…upussy tu

there are better ways to deal with locasts …alafu is it the police’s job to deal with such things … agricultural ministry , ICIPE , kenya disaster management shld be all over this…not the police

There is no shortage of fools in Kenya.

whoever did this will never see heaven