No woman is worth killing yourself for

This police officer today stormed Into Nakuru hospital, shot dead his lover before turning the gun on himself.(pic below)
Do you remember the gore video that was posted here two weeks ago by captain meffi group of handles of not closing the door while was not about cheating. The Couple had already broken up but the guy having invested too much in the relationship, could not bear to see the wife with another man. Apparently he had opened a business for her na alikuwa amemzalia watoto wawili.

What do you think drive those men over the edge? They invested too much in the relationship, their desire for validation from another human. When these expectations didn’t meet the reality, they decided to end it all

Limits your expectation, your wife is the only person you are not related by blood in your family. Don’t hurt yourself over a bitch, they are not worth it.f the relationship is not working out , Just walk away and start afresh. Invest in your children, parents, God, business, health, fitness but not your wife. Bibi ni ya kutomba na kukuzalia peke.[ATTACH=full]381893[/ATTACH]

Women deserve less,in fact they deserve Nothing .MGTOW =Freedom

face like 12 year old, but actions like commando

[SIZE=1]mtu aniambie naangalia masura za wababa, tupatane langata cemetary[/SIZE]

MGTOW= FREEDOM…beta male just wasted at least 40 years of prosperity and success because of a mere woman.

I was anticipating some gore videos and pics, anyone got them?

No way you’re a member of MGTOW.Wewe ni incel.There’s a difference

huyo ni talker tulisema kama dem amefanya ujiuwe , uwa yeye kwanza b4 ujiuwe .

hakuna kuvunja moyo ya wanaume ovyoovyo, kama ulisema utakaa na yeye mpaka death do you part ndio hivo

Lakini wanaume hawananga moyo so sielewi unasema nini

Low IQ bonobo you are…Na si umwache u move on…Why kill anyone.

Weak beta chieth males

Pia ww si uko hapo…Meffi sana…Kazi ni kulamba Malaya

Kunguru hafugiki and no woman is worth killing yourself for but OP si wewe unapeanga bibi all your salary

Wueh…niggga so young. Sitawai angalia mtu and assume he/she can’t kill.

Alafu upate the woman wasn’t even hot.

I know it’s an anonymous forum and most likely you don’t mean this but let’s not appear to promote a culture violence by weak willed men and women.
Either it’s psychological breakdown or they are psychopaths. They need help. Hope we are able to see red flags before it’s too late

This fellow must have had mental and emotional issues. The lady he killed was his GF and he had a wife.

Huyu ni hongo inamkula. Hakuna vile utakula pesa ya sofara halafu uishi na amani.

Sawa incel shareman

Problem with Africa…Once you think you have educated one bonobo…another one is born or pops up cc @uwesmake

Depressing!!! What is happening to men


I was going to say something then i saw this.
Pole but hii ni maoni yangu…hizi tabia za ku murder lover/spouse sana sana mi huona ni kama iko kwa waseh born and raised in shags…na sio kwa ubaya.
You slice a born tao…you take your boy out for drinks you laugh about it na mseh ana move on…msee akona hobbies and stuff to do…hakuna time ya ku dwell…and we all know kuna other fish in the sea.
Other fish in the sea brings me to mh next point waseh wa kufungiwa na kusoma single sex schools…ukimaliza shule uonje ngono unafikiria woman/man ni wako kufa kupona na nyap/deki ni your private property…hizi fala ndio huleta hi fujo ya mauano saa zote.
Maoni yangu…sio kwa ubaya.