You recycle fap material?

What is this?

huyo ni ule mlami anatembea Africa akinyandua madem? dude has taken sex tourism to a whole new level. Fisi reloaded

That maafaka is called Antonio or something na ana website called wild african fuck tour. A very nasty fella.

nimepitia that guy is on a roll

I only knew of this, kumbe ni wengi, this german also

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Kuna mengi kwa hii kijiji

That guy amechafua madem wengi sana ukienda xvideos african vids kwa kila page haukosi yake moja IGGGWWWEEE

kuna keja moja iko Tz au Msa amenyandulia madem wawili. manze bed kwikikwikiikiki I shouted at the monitor wtf! weka mattress chini!


Hehe, one more wont hurt

Itabidi nimeisaka brathe… Kitu yunistua ni aje ao madem waukubali kurecodiwa kimalamala ivo

Hehehehe. You must have been too immersed in the action.

yeah I was all oiled up for action

They don’t know, he places it strategically also after following the link you will realize he also has a porn site that he charges $14.95 to access, so in essence the sex fuels the trips a vicious cycle he doesn’t need a job to fund the trips and wait for vacations

But in most of his videos anakuaga ameshika the cam in his hands so they must be knowing

hebu angalia kwa hizo ziko kwa blog yake, maybe kuna wale wana kubali kulipwa extra for the video recording

Blog yake umesema ni $14 dollars chorea tu

Thanks for the links!

These African whores will fuck an odiero man for free wakidhani atawasaidia kumbe jamaa anaenda kupost kwa blog yake and meks money out of it…thats called business acumen…input zero(except dicking),output $$$$

Hehehe… disappointment of life!