No Tangible Issues Discussed In The Debate, Just Uhuru This, Uhuru That From Gachagua. No Health, Unemployment, Agriculture

Hakukua debate and the moderators also were below per. The debate turned into just another campaign rally by one Gachagua.

Gachaguas mouth is like a bike going downhill with no brakes.

The chief bonobo, tunaelewa your IQ is so low that you couldn’t comprehend anything.

Start accepting the fact that your next DP is Rigathi, won’t you?

Didn’t even bother. Then I saw a clip on twitter of the guy taking out a whole mwakenya noisily from the pocket of his ill-fitting suit. I just clicked not interested in this tweet!

On the part of the moderators nakubaliana na wewe … hio debate ilikuwa as @Use Less as @uwes.useless

Our debates are getting mature. Give credit where its due.

Aren’t debates supposed to rally supporters to the side that present the best pictures of themselves? Gachagua amekula marks of those that had written him off as an uncouth, unkempt and illiterate goon. Especially the mido crass. Going all the way to embrace the kids after the debate. Didn’t know he was once kanywaji1’s PA

I don’t know why he left out this definition of state capture

Assmio copium is on high levels.

Riggy G won it. Baba anarudi Bondo

500mbirrion bond sio stupidity beyond belief? Hizi ni zile hekaya za JSKS we will in 6 months na riwaya zinginezo.

Presidential debates are more about entertainment value than articulating issues, and Gachagua won no matter how you try to spin it.

Pesa zitatoka wapi? Zimia watanyamba zitokee?

Martha was very categorical in saying we have to rationalize our expenditure… What every Kenyan has been crying about. JSKS ni kuongeza deni pap, yani hata Yattani vile anapenda madeni alikunja mkia to issue another bond lakini nyinyi mnabebwo tu dogomothi

Tell us why your two dams are yet to be even started yet the loans are already overdue. Arror and Kimwarer bado ni kichaka. Pesa zilitumwa UG>DRC>NIGERIA>ITALY >DUBAI>KENYA


Mwizi Ruto tutamnyonga October

The moderators could have asked for details of how each team planned to deal with issues like health, education, hunger, job creation, manufacturing, debt management, etc. The strategy is what matters, not just the promise, e.g., it’s Ok to promise to fight corruption, (virtually every candidate does), but what will be done differently to ensure success?

Rationalize aje yet money to counties need to go up to 45%? Very easy to come up with such generic solutions. And why aren’t they giving those solutions to kanywaji1 sahii?

Rigathi even asked the moderators to delve into such issues lakini waliguzia tu juu juu. Though mfuko zake za nyuma zilikua zimejaa mwaks

Not my words


When you rationalize your own personal expenditure… You forego some things to meet other needs that arise, right? It’s been known for long that we need to get value for money in these govt projects, that’s where rationalization comes in… Doesn’t hurt to think and see that much.