Since this massage thing is becoming common in the current world, the girl friend thing is also comonh to an end. If yu are a man married, you really dont need to have a side chick, thys are too expensive to maintain but with massage parlours now available in almost every street in town, with very beautiful ladies, you will get what you want at a relatively cheap price and have that girl friend experience.
One good thing is that, they are very careful and it will be very difficult to contract ths STIs unless you go to the down town dirty kungurus.
My view is that most young men are likely to remain single in most of their youth age and wont rush to tie themseleves to the probroms that come with wives. They get what they want with somebody who is not going to ask you for any favour, you pay get your service and go. Hizi shida za kutake responsibility hazitakua. Eti bae-Bills And Expenses will be a past event. Infact about 6months ago i did away with my pango wa kando who i could send money monthly na bibi at times alikua anajua na ilikua inaleta shida, sasa ni kutoka job unaingia massage yiu get home fresh fresh

Hata bibi atachanuka siku moja aanze kupitia kwa maasage na hautajua!

Nigga wot?

Ata mimi nataka no strings attached any pink handles who are interested?

Sema tu asante na ulale fala hii!

chifo umewacha kutomba vitu zimechapa ?