No shave November

Let the game begin. Men grow your beard. Grow your hair. Lakini @introvert you know that technically you’re already out of the game.

However, on a serious note, the no shave November is all about cancer awareness because many patients with cancer normally lose their hair. Men are encouraged to get screened for cancer but generally if you can afford, the best birthday present you can give yourself every year is a full body check-up. Costs about 11k for men and 13k for women in a good hospital.

& Btw, at the end of this month there will be the Ktalk annual award ceremony.


Ikiwa kuna kitu huniangusha ni facial hair, humea ndengu ndengu alafu inaishia hapo

Beards turn me on… Especially if they are clean and well shaped… Darn!

ndevu za navy seal nanyoa morning by jioni zishamea na fujo but nywele ,

Niko ndani hii game every November. You also supposed to donate your grooming expenses for the month to cancer research…

Cunt relate, nature of my job requires no facial hair.

huu mwezi ingia undercover operative kwa ma poacher hapo kimilili forest

If a beard alone does that to you then the others below must be orgasmic.

umejuaje ?


Siku hizi kanakukatikia before ata morning ifike?

@Phylgee niko na afo kama ya Willian and a well trimmed beard and beast like chest hair

Good cause.

As much as I support,can not afford not to shave. It grows like the rainforest…

We are to donate a months expenses on grooming shida ya huku ni kuna watu wanaspend 50bob pekee

Hiyo ni stress za Maraya! Warret imemaliswo! …haikosi nywele yake imemea mvi hadi za matako!

50 bob is still significant.

take unpaid leave for the month

Ndio niitwe woman eater?

You’re giving @Female Perspective some funny ideas… and this will be a disaster of monumental proportions vis a vis connoisseurs of her goods.

Enyewe you guys are disciplined forces mumesamehewa. In South Sudan I’ve seen strange things na police men wa huko. There are some who wear ear studs while in official uniform. They smoke shisha and cigarettes anyhowly kama bado wana uniform. And the worst of them all, iko wale wanavaa full police uniform including carrying a gun but chini viatu ni slippers.