No one can stop Ruto


Good, mbele iko Sawa ma Mungu.
Dynasties can play dirty

youthful members of parliament who resolve what to do and do what they resolve.

Without Uhuru or Raila backing him, He will be defeated. Let’s wait and see how many No Votes he will have during BBI.

Most those MPs hawatarudi. Wanajificha nyuma ya Ruto ndio ndio Kikuyu misers wa vote six piece suit. Lakini wataionea viusasa.

Hehehe utashangaa.

Does incumbency really help from Kenyan political history?

Leadership is taken not given. Ask Madvd in 2013 when mt.Kenya tried unsuccessfully to impose him on Jubilee. Ask Nyayo when he tried to force project Uhuru in 2002 and ask Kiambu mafia when they shutdown everyone from Mzee Jomo Kenyatta waiting to rake over.

Othaya Nyeri
Sasa let’s await RAT to come sell bbi nyoka hapa as well. Kazi kwake.

:rolleyes:as in there are still people who don’t believe that ‘kwa ground ni tofauti?’ . Even kieleweke bloggers have finally faced reality and are now busy lamenting and giving dire warnings of the past and future . i dont know radicalization…mungiki…nyef nyef. Lakini people are not buying fear.

Ebu watch this clip from 4:09. Wakisema sio wewe huwezi. Na wakisema ni wewe itaweza.

Kibaki was non commital who he was supporting. But his kitchen cabinet supported Kenyatta.

In 2002, a novice Uhuru got 33% of the votes because of the push from the incumbency.

So incumbency helps.

His kitchen cabinet was supporting Mudavadi. The ground was supporting Uhunye by then.
Anyway in politics, things keep on changing. A day in politics


Its bitterness hurting them. DP Uncle Ruto has gone directly to the people bypassing a lot of political conmen, gatekeepers, tribal cocoons and extortionist. The flipside is that for every propaganda, insults and sabotage they place in his way, it makes the grassroots even more favourable for Hustler. He was doing this meetings normally with no incidents until they started organizing fake goons and violence to stop them. Where was the security threat today? It exists only in boardrooms in Nairobi. The people are already united under Hustler. The only problem is dynasties are out, out forever.

Mathioya Muranga

Liwe liwalo

Nyayo knew very well Uhuru was not going to be president in 2002. They wanted him to replace Kibaki and it all worked out. And Moi was prepared to take over from Jomo. If those guys did not want him they could have killed him the same way they killed the other competition

realism prevailing, hawa masses will propel this bugger all the way to state house. Imeanza kua hard kuona any other outcome. If he goes to the coast and this is the result, the graffiti iko on the wall for realz

Kangema Muranga

That’s it, 20 months to the general elections. All prospective candidates for MCA’s, MPs, women rep, senator and governor now know the masses is with Hustler and they adjust accordingly to be part of that wave. All of them will start adding to the campaign matrix from this Nov-Dec.

Next stop is Ukambani-Coast then Nyanza.

Baks never wanted a Uhuru presidency, usiulize nilijua aje.