No loyalty

You meet a lady in campus who is almost through with her studies and “love” support her and she’s now through with school. She even moves in to your house as she looks for something to do. It’s now two years down the line, you having a hangout in a restaurant with her and your job colleague who happens to be there joins your table to have fun together. After some drinks and snacks he settles your entire bill. some months later you get information from neighbors that she’s now being dropped at home by a sleek car.the colour and description of the car sounds so familiar.six months later she moves out of your house and goes back to her parents home. Since her brother is your friend,you call the brother and ask what is happening, he tells you his sister will go for an introduction in a week time to a certain guy’s home. After digging in and out you come to a conclusion that the guy is that job colleague of yours. You now can’t do anything because he is infact your senior at work…if what av heard in a local radio station is anything to go by, then there’s nothing like loyalty. Anyway aluta continua. @tall mnyama everywhere kuja Wilson

Any relationship that starts with people creeping and cheating, ends the same way it begun… Its only a matter of time before she comes back with stories… Wacha akwende. Don’t ever plead with a woman to to stay…

that relationship was build on a weak foundation. supporting a needy girl, not love. sasa kwenye jamaa alifikisha project msichana akagrafuate awache rafiki yake aendeleze kutoka hapo. this world is not our home

NO. that relationship was BUILT on a weak foundation.


My fren’ there can be no relationship without the “d”

:D:D:D:D:D leta paybill tukuskumie KC coconut

most people find their wives through their friends and such encounters are part of life…Kunguru________________?

This is common nowadays … men are like stair case … we’ve the bottom one and the top one. A lady will go thro’ those stair case ( men ) until she reaches to the top most ( who of course is rich ) … so that’s part of life


Men should also practice Hypergamy if not isogamy where both of you are at par,. Mambo ya kupenda mwanamke who has nothing to offer than P ikome,.


it’s such a pitty.thats why I always tell young guys to build themselves first before thinking of any fucking relationship.the lady has guts to sleep around with a mutual friend.

Na hata kwa wale wameowa, sitachoka kusema, never program your mind that "Uyu tumetoana mbali Hatuwezi wachana " .the highest bidder has not yet shown up, when he comes by, she will not think twice. With the current generation expect anything and everything. Vijana mkae chonjo otherwise hizi habari za suicide zitaendelea tu

Mbona waongea na machungu kaka

Kila mhusika kwa relationship ni mshika dau at that particular moment,highest bidder akitokea,cha mtu kiko motoni

can’t relate

tomba dem na aende wacha feelings

Hii thread ina ka umama fulani.

Inakaa wewe ndiye mwenye punani. Hapa ni wanaume pekee.

First mistake ulifanya is you fell inlove with her. Never fall inlove with a woman, you can like her but never fall inlove with her.

The girl is to fall inlove with you while you just like her and fancy her. Have an abundance mindset when it comes to people especially women.Never get inloved with a woman that has nothing going on for her. Utalia chooni.

Choose your women better, be a great judge of character, energy and vibes.

Jah bless.