No lady looks even close to the way they look in real life on their Whatsapp Statuses

I meet some of the ladies I haven’t met in a while but have their numbers so I see their statuses and it shocks me literally everytime!

But the one I met today, shock of my life! Why the Fuck is Infinix Note giving them hadi fake hips for???


Kuna wale washamba or unassuming wanakuanga warembo than their pics.

The question is will you have met them if you new they were not as attractive or even just ugly:D:D

I won’t speak on behalf of the original poster, but for me the answer is obviously no.
I’ve met up with girls who’s skin is silky smooth and they almost look like models on their profile pictures, but then the rough-skin, acne covered faces I meet in person just turn me off.

The worst thing is when their appearance doesn’t match their face and in addition they fun interesting girl I was chatting to on chat is infact a boring nearly silent person when we are talking in person. I don’t even understand how…

Kwanza wenye wanapiga picha sijui camera huwa settings gani. Makes them seem lighter skinned than they actually are. I have had better luck at swimming pools. Unapata madem wakiwa natural unless wale wanavaa waterproof make up

Kuna app inaitwa Camera 360 iyo app ni noma. Inatoa blemishes kwa uso kabisa. Kama dem akona a rough skin unaedit picha na iyo app skin inakaa smooth bila hata pimple. Hizi app ziogope.

Kuna mmoja alikuwa na pimples Hadi Kwa matiti alafu ni rough from acne. After kuchapa Gilbeys 1/4 nikafunga macho na kukamua

Sasa unataka tucomment kwa status haujapost? Meffi wewe

Does your whattsup crush look like this in real life


Ata kama sura ni average, baro ako sawa hygiene wise nakula vizuri sana