No intelligent person could have supported Uhuru, Ruto during the elections and Raila after the handshake.

Unafikiria mimi ni ng’ombe unachinja ukipeleka nyama kwa bucha? Mkia ya umbwa jinyonge makangari wewe mwenyewe.
Don’t put me in your suicidal shoes[ATTACH=full]272142[/ATTACH]

Either way RAO is fakked. His decision to decamp/abdicate was a prudent one for the sake of his health. He was never going to convince Kenyans.

You are just a dog’s arse hole.

Fak you.


Ghasia…You are a foolish man.

[SIZE=7]Na bado ! … 2022 iko locked ![/SIZE]


He he. Siasa ndio ina fanya matusi inarushwa hivi ?

And you expect a foolish person to understand insults from a “wise man” Thank you so much for your insight.


Leave my name out of your mouth you vagabond. Meffi.


Not all is lost… At least you can finger your arsehole.

Voted for Uhuru thrice? Mistaken identity