No intelligent person could have supported Uhuru, Ruto during the elections and Raila after the handshake.

Raila was told aachane na handshake juu jubilee government was a dying horse anyway. Sahii angekua anacheka memo za kuambia public servants wasipike chai kwa office ama kununua gazeti na pesa za serikali. I am sorry to say that I think he is a gullible old man. Now one who contributed in pulling the country wants people to believe he is an angel juu yeye sio wa dynasty.

Ethnic Polarization would make Jubilee supporters to ignore suffering under the siege mentality.

Now the kumira Kumira group are crying and saying Rails should have rained in opposition to checkmate the jubilee thieves.

Let people suffer the consequences of their actions.

Part of The Nash. 4 Trillion borrowed and then largely stolen by Jubilee will be used in campaigns to great effect.

You should leave Raila alone and concentrate on the people you actually woke up 3 am to vote for. Did they deliver the stadiums they promised you? Did they improve the economy? Did they give your kids laptops? Is Raila part of the equation in any way?

Raila alimea akili akajua Kenyans are not worth dying/fighting for. Saa hi Raila angekuwa anapigana na kamwana watu wangekuwa wanamwita kiħii, RAT, Jeuri, Jinga etc

Ulitahiri…you are not 22… Wewe ni meffi ya babuon…uko 47 kitu

aliaR is a [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7]CONMAN.[/SIZE][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7] [/SIZE][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][SIZE=4]Ghasia he should go drying BBI is mharoo. Hakuna kitu[/SIZE]

Jimeffi ni Swansea ama engiti

I don’t know but what am sure about is that he has never faced the knife.

Unataka foreskin ndo utumie kubrush nayo meno? And Im not 47, an 53 dirty sob

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For the sake of peace and Harmony it was necessary. What if he refused handshake and we continued having 2 presidents ?

We even had 2 centres of power in 2008-2013 and the country prospered economically.

Why is William always innocent and a victim in the handshake story. He is the one who ran down the country from 2014-17 yet his boss is always to blame.

in this 2 centers of power you are referring to , one had authority over armed forces and finance while the other had authority over roads only but both were in the same govt.

But 2018 govt was to have each separate functions under two leaders . No functional country can operate like that. What these two people did was noble and necessary.

Watu hupelekwa hospitali kutahiri Na mama zao ndio hujigamba Sana eti wametahiri

In my community,one who was circumcised under anaesthesia is no different from a kihii

Safisha smegma ama ulambishe mamako umbwa ii

You think I am a Jubilee supporter? Actually they are the first group of fools I can ever cite. We told them as early as 2013 about the damage people will witness hawakusikia. I know you voted for uhuru thrice.

You think the country could be worse? No the economic turmoil and confessions of treasury lying to the public could have been unearthed earlier own and the people responsible could have owned up before destroying our economy even more. Remember since the handshake many legislations to squeeze more money out of mwananchis pocket to fill the gap has been enacted. We could still be having peace even without the handshake. Only the people who didn’t deserve peace are the one who got it, I mean the so called people in power.

But bado wanamuita hivyo tu. He has made Ruto more strong and that is bad for the future of the nation. The truth is if Ruto gets the presidency through scavenging on the handshake situation he seems to be in a position to do so More trouble is coming.

si ujinyonge Mbwa hii, rwnebpe