No honour among thieves :UDA now says that Sakaja's degree is fake.



tuko nyuma ya DO , huyo sabaot washwash akunje mkia Nairobi ni ya wasapere

Huyu mzee akunywe maziwa baridi ipoeshe hio ubongo yake. Nairobi ni ya Maasai.

What is Ruto’s position in these shenanigans? That will be the winning team.

Meanwhile matatu za long distance zitoke cbd na si tafadhali. Change is painful but necessary. Someone narrated to me about the efficiency he witnessed pale Green Park Terminus and I thought we are progressing well.

Sakaja amekosea sana story ya kuzima club saa nne. I longer go to live dances.

Mbillionaire only have interest s not friendship s or affiliations ,sacarjah akule tender city hall awache upuss mingi ya kufinya matatu owners

Wanasiasa haki

sakaja should know that majority of the people in nairobi are business men and any change he makes affects them. If you threaten a mans lively hood, you should expect alot of backlash and gain alot of enemies for nothing this will finally lead to his downfall. Hio kitu sonko alikuwa anaita cartel hawezani nayo naskia huko city hall employees wote ni generational mtu kutoka great grand father yake wamekuwa wakiachiana kazi kama inheritance.

Sakaja claims he was born and brought up in Nairobi so he knows how it operates and return it to it’s former glory…
He knows shit.
Born in the 80s it’s means you grew up when the city was under Moi’s iron fist rule. It was extremely disorganised and grabbing was at all time high. The cartels that took over with Moi’s blessing still run the streets as we speak.
For example: can anyone tell us how that piece land located with Kenya Railways land along Jogoo Road opposite Makadara Estates and has several flats was acquired?
It’s owned by a very very prominent individual.
Trend srowry Mzae.

Hizi trains na subways wanaleta lini

Many are born and brought up in nairobi, aache kushinda akisema hivyo. What he should focus on is garbage collection si watu wa ghetto wamezaliwa nairobi pia awasidie kwanza because hao ndio wanahitaji usidizi zaidi mambo ya wanabiashara aachane nayo kabisa aangalie welfare ya the needy in nairobi.


Hussein machos!

Don mwenyewe.

Sakaja is the type that can be domesticated. He now needs ODM badly on his side or he will be a eunuch governor.

Buildings starting with directions then ending with ‘on’.


Hehehe. Niggers are something else

I remember writing here that UDA were better off voting for a soft and politically unambitious Igathe than Sakaja…that boy is no pushover…the likes of sonko are nothing compared to sakaja…hes a proper cartel and now with some money and some influence there is no stopping him…he knows he wont perform in the city and kikuyus wont vote for him again so hes cleverly doing a low key ethnic mobilisation. Kangemi and kawangware are now starting to rally behind him…
politicians from the city are also a very crafty lot…hio mikora yote ya ODM from MCA’s to the likes of Aladwa know how to do business with the county and would rarely go against a sitting governor so early in his term…they first do business then politic when elections are around the corner…soon utaona akina Alai wakichapa tenders na kuendesha Range rovers straight from the showroom.
Ruto is playing very safe because any open move would either be seen to be going against Luhyias or kikuyus.
And Gachagua’s war with sakaja is much bigger than matatu and club noises…he knows if by some miracle sakaja performs in nairobi the whole country will take note and complicate his mazematics for 2027. Majority of 2027 voters will be kids born after 2000…my 13yr old daughter will be a voter…itakua kazi ngumu sana kwa akina madvd, kalonzo, mzee rao and Gachagua

Niko nyuma ya Bwana DO. Afinyeee hio ghaseer bila lube.

Easton apartments :smiley: