No Fap aka No musturbation movement..

Who has ever tried that shit? I once did it for close to 20 days straight. I did experience some of the benefits associated with the whole thing. Some of them being increased confidence, more firm Minded, could maintain eye contact with literally any fucker, my vision become better yaani no blurry shit. Some benifits might have been as a result of placebo effect as they reduced after a certain point. I had to abondon it though as I felt I was becoming a sissy slave to the mbitch. Yaani any sexual urges and I compromise my dignity to organise a meet up.

Anyways I have decided to restart the challenge for 60 days straight starting the new year. So tomorrow I can jerk off if I want to. See you on the first Sunday of March for a complete analysis of the whole thing.

its happens every november
so you can fap hadi november next year bookmark on your 2018 calendar
i ain the game just letting u know…there is no pressure

Shida yako si ku wank, ni porn. Kaa bila simu na computer January mzima. utakuwa Umepona

Pull sheet


Wanking is a weakness that makes you prone to premature ejaculation, especially kama wewe ni wale wanawank every chance they get.

Preach on brother! Feel free to share your experiences as well :smiley:

:smiley: why would I have to wank when the missus is a sex freak like me?

Yet you felt a sudden urge to advice on this sh*t? Puliiiiiz Mr Nympho chic…:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Read a book my friend once in a while and you will be more enlightened. Some things you don’t have to experience to know their consequences.

more fun
safe sex
no stress

60 days challenge accepted… hehe

Bookmarking these for future reference.

@MadPhilosopher punguza umama with your useless threads . umbwaaaa

Read a book on…naaah no thanks

I’m a couple of days into it. It’s my new year resolution kind of…

All I can say to the No FAP/PMO brothers is Adelante! Forward only.

Wanker ukichengwa tulia ujipige ponyeto polepole

Stamp iko hapa kwa ile imefika standard ya @Ebru

Saa zingine ni poa kupatia akili time ya kuprocess information especially if one has a weak one like yours. Hapa naona ni kama tu ulipayuka bila kufikiria.

Good luck with that