No EXams In Primary - Uhuru Is Unbelievably Dumb

This guys talks of things he doesn’t know. They want to shift grades 7 and 8 to secondary schools. This is a Government that can’t build enough classrooms in primary schools; how will they build two more classes in secondary schools? Will they build more hostels too? Halafua, how will you choose the person to go to Alliance vis-a-vis the one to go to the day school near you?

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced there will be no national examinations in primary schools under the new curriculum.
Uhuru made the declaration on Friday during the third National Conference on Curriculum Reforms at the KICC.

Junior secondary schools will now be domiciled in secondary school doing away with examinations to be held in Grade 6 during the transition.

These are part of the recommendations by a task force set up to iron out the issues surrounding the implementation of the new curriculum which has been adopted by the President.
The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development had been pushing for class seven and eight teachers elevated because the primary school cycle will be shortened to six years.
The two classes will be dropped from primary school and incorporated to junior secondary school.
Under the new curriculum, primary and secondary schools will each have six classes.
The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development wants primary school classes that will fall vacant in the new arrangement converted to junior high school.
These include grades 7, 8 and 9, equivalent to classes 7, 8 and Form One in the current 8-4-4 system.

Very nice. Let this current generation and their parents be wasted so that in future people have solid examples on the consequences of being foolish

As Arabs we don’t see the importance of these exams

Arab views on education don’t count


It’s a tool of marginalization

so alliance is the ultimate prize?

Because many Arabs are dumbass

I am not conversant with the curriculum BUT you are the dumb person here. Basic education should not have exams.

Your worry is how children will be admitted to secondary schools, right? I guess there will be entrance exams.

Senior secondary school is for those who want to join university

You talk like someone who definitely could never garner an A- in ‘94

Anyway, I understand. It wasn’t easy

already ushafika kwa new curriculum, Im still trying to figure out how will this one change the looming unemployment in kenya>>>

Is A- in 94 an achievement in life

If it isn’t a failure then it’s certainly an achievement kwanza ikiwa ya 94

We understand Arabs of Dadaab Refugee Camp wouldn’t see the importance of the exams, they are firmly focused on the 72 virgins in the hereafter.

These are the guys who dont hustle kazi ni kuangalia izo certs and think the made it in life, an median guys are the most successful persons in this world angalia hii majaa wa Punjabi vile wananyonya Taifa sahizi

this reminds me of bush jr initiative no child left behind.


What is A-

All secondary schools should be treated equally, why Mangu and Ojinko? All high school should be accorded Alliance standards but exams should be continous.