No Election Fraud- Maricopa county Arizona

Trump loses once again. After losing 60 court cases, several recounts and audits, he has now lost an audit conducted and funded by Republicans in Arizona. What a shame. They spend their money to prove that the poor old orange man lost even by a larger margin.

Wapi ule mod sleikwin akuja na 20 pages why the ruling is flawed?

:D:D:D:D. Those guys always have an excuse

Wapi @patco with his many stupid conspiracy theories to comment on this loss?

Wachana na CNN. We weren’t counting votes. We were doing a FORENSIC audit to find out how you stole the vote.

Sasa tulia muone what Trump will do with that data especially this section :


These people who voted out of state who are they? Did they vote elsewhere?

9000 absentee ballots surely… :smiley:

So chill mambo bado.

Ni takataka sana

1,551 extra votes. :D:D:D

That already shows that there were votes that were added.

255,000 early votes with no corresponding entry on file.


Keep them excuses coming :D:D:D

:D:D:D:D guys don’t you ever get tied of this lies and bull crap?

The 3 hour presentation which I’m sure you haven’t watched is even more shocking.

Maricopa county did not see any envelope duplicates.

The guys doing duplicate verification on our side (Echomail) found 17,126 duplicates!

And these are duplicates that you can see with your eyes no need for a machine. Surely, hizo 17,000 zilienda kwa nani???

The video is online.

The Republican sponsored recount has concluded there was no rigging. Hizi sources @patco una quote ni za base ya muguka

Hit play and watch :

Yeah, right. So say MSM.


[SIZE=7] Verb: audit
(audits, audited, auditing)[/SIZE]
Examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification • audit accounts and tax returns
=inspect, scrutinise, scrutinize
~analyse, analyze, canvass, examine, study
Attend academic courses without getting credit
~learn, read, study, take
Noun: auditor, auditee, pre-audit

Adjective: auditive, auditable, unaudited


Why is it hard for readers to understand the meaning of audit?

Did the audit uncover the following?
How many ballots were FAKE, or counterfeit, or from DEAD people, or were DOUBLE counted, or from people who VOTED in multiple counties, etc.

You betcha!

Maumbwa zilikuwa zinaingia server day and night hundreds possibly thousands of time via the internet. Hawakujua red necks tunajua I.T. :D:D:D:D:D

They tried to delete their tracks but only made the evidence of their presence more apparent.

Even Fox News agrees the election was not manipulated

Enyewe you are mentally deficient. How a black man worships racists rednecks just goes to prove the IQ of a plant

Will you watch Fox news or the actual presentation itself? No one trusts MSM. Fox news preffers a Bush or a Mitt Romney establishment RINO. They only wanted to Trump for the Tv ratings.

Watch the presentation or read the audit itself then make your own conclusion.

Makasiriko ya nini???

Trump grew up in New York raised in multicultural surroundings. He was more or less raised by Latino housemaids and black drivers.

Biden grew up in Delaware in predorminantly white Irish neighborhoods, strictly no blacks allowed. He became a famous senator because of his zeal at jailing black felons.

Meanwhile at that same time Trump was promoting black boxers like Tyson as well as black musicians in his casinos. Showing them the other side of the fence. Even appearing on a TV show started by a young upstart called Oprah Winfrey. Biden only started pretending to like black people in his old age as he grew desperate for the presidency. So who really is the red neck between these two gents?