Hands Down …
She is among the TOP 5 most Beautiful Black Women in AFRICA … :D:p






Not to me. She’s below average.


Perhaps you can show us what is "above average " …
If at all you can … :smiley:

Yes, she is.

If the standard is huge feet that can send Hulk to hell with a single kick.

She would be very shapely if she was to loose some of her weight

According to you maybe, juu ako average.

Naingia DFHKM. Siwezimind kulipa punch

I have a strong feeling you’re about to tell us that the Senga is number 3…

[SIZE=7]nataka kufinya ndani kama sindano[/SIZE]

Sura ya mwanaume

Nice of you to say …
Now show us what is “above average” …
If you can … :smiley:

Tuonyeshe ya Mwanamke … :smiley:

Madam Ssenga operates on a very different “scale” …
Legends in here KNOW what I am talking about … :smiley:


these kind of thighs kill me…literary

Moving along …
Swiftly … :smiley:


Hehehe …
Prepare to Die … :smiley: