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The US gava recently asked the Kenyan gava to investigate all police killings.

Here are the statistics for US police killings for 2015.

Number killed (documented): 1,152

Percentage blacks: 30%

Percentage of blacks of US population: 13%

Percentage where police charged: 3%.

News are emerging of yet another police shooting of a Black man who was driving in a white neibahood with his daughter and galfriend. In the video shot by the galfriend, tha lady can be heard asking: “You shot him four times, sir, and he was only reaching for his licence!”

The guy had been stopped for having a broken tail-light.

Damn! Let’s send our CID to the USA to help with the infestigeshens. They surely need our help. They are a bad example though, so we should work at being unlike them.:cool:

only the FBI can solve this conundrum…

This is in no way to excuse the barbaric and primitive behaviour of Kenyan police. It is to illustrate what happens when those who are supposed to protect go rogue.

And, don’t believe all you see in ‘Holy World’ movies; some times the response times of our police are quicker than US police.

Niggers will become extinct in the us

Enyewe hii ni upussy as some would say here. I saw the video of the black guy shot at a traffic stop in falcon heights. The usa should just shut up, yes we have rogue cops here but they are in kamiti now and maybe for life but there majority white cop are killing squads for any black man being black.

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When cops kill unarmed civilians in the US they get promoted. Washughulikie shida zao kwanza.

Kuna mwingine pia ameshootiwa leo

@vuja de, I saw that video and its disturbing. They shot the nigga at point-blank range despite the fact walikuwa washamtackle. Yaani they simply placed the gun on his chest and pulled the trigger.

In the other shooting in Minnesotta (sic) they shot another nigga who was a LICENSED gun-holder for nothing. Guy told them, “I am a licensed gun-holder but am gonna reach for my driving licence” and kaboom! Inside his car was a kid and his galfriend.


Sasa Trump akiingia bet it will be worse

Double speak or double standards. Hillary Clinton announces her candidature today and tomorrow she has super pac group that has contributed $1 Billion for her elections campaign. If you look at the individual and corporate donors there then you will realize they all did well during President Clinton era. In Kenya that would be corruption paying back but there its funds drive.

Truly sad…

@vuja de, there is a video on the Washington Post site of the entire aftermath which was broadcast live on FB. Ebu attach it here watu wajionee (its the second or third one)

I saw that video and the girlfriend was in anguish…, they pumped lead into the guy’s body with reckless abandonment., its the height of impunity and total disregard of a black man’s life…, of all the animals in the universe, man is the most cruel and destructive!

We all know that the US are hypocrites who preach water and drink wine.
Having said that, I have seen so many videos from live leak and worldstarhiphop where blacks were engaging in shockingly violent crimes and behaviour so I sometimes think they bring police brutality upon themselves.
ION, Let’s not forget our own flying squad is notorious for administering quick justice to suspected criminals.

So lets say 1000’s black people engage in violent behaviour but lets now condemn all the millions of black people as well for that behaviour. What about the 1000’s of white skin heads, bikers, gunslingers as well, why is it that the millions of white people aren’t profiled and condemned as well for their behaviour.

I am actually against police brutality and killings.

It’s not the world that will come to an end, it will be the USA. Probably from all this selective extermination. Si warudishe hao niggas Africa na wasipewe bunduki wakifika West Africa.

Let them keep pushing blacks, they will become desperate and bounce back. It will be war, that will be the end of USA