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who are these and why should we care ?

Oh boy. This one’s going to be 5 pages of cope.

Eleza muktadha wa dondoo wengine wetu hatufuatilii vitu za social media

Last Year. She may be bisexual though but something tells me this post was done for clout.


Atleast omwami anapata threesome

Naonanga white boy black female relationship ikikaa funny. Those white boys cant keep up with black stamina kwanza kama dem alikuwa amezoea ma BBC.

Huyo dame probably sio bi she just biached online for clout like most people with screentime do.

Huyu unapiga kende then kidogo kifafa .


Venye @sani amesema what the deuce is going on.

@Azor Ahai brown unataka tununue pilsner ndio utuambie hawa ni nani?

Acha chuki Nanii, most of the time white boys marry fine blacks gals lakini black guys sana sana huo matapiko. Meffi sana

Modern wazungus are sissies. That makes them a favorite of the pseudomales of Central Kenya.

Anita swings both sides. but wazungu dont care

Vipi kaka. Beste yako shifo haonekani… Mwambiye ajitokeze na dondo za hapa na pale…

Going to the highest bidder.

Kiswahili kitukuzwe

An African woman like Anita would never have been seen with an African man with a kihara na kitambi and much older like we are seeing here. African woman lowers her standards when it’s Mzungu.

If there’s one thing i can agree with MGTOW is that if you make money… The rest will follow. You automatically become funny, handsome, romantic…

You both are very correct ! No need to get worked up.

What shit do lbgtq+ go through, really?